Azie on Main, Gluten Free Menu

Azie on Main, offers a decent sized gluten free menu - including appetizers, main dishes, and dessert options!
My first impression of this Asian restaurant - the atmosphere was very hip, modern, fun- it was like a vortex that sucked you into all the 'excitement'. My date and I decided to share the Shasimi Platter. 

This was my first experience in raw fish and it was delicious, I think my favorite was the fluke fish.  It was almost clear in color and light in taste - it paired well with the riesling and gluten free soy sauce.
 Now for the main course - Grilled Tuna! The grilled tuna was cooked just right, but there was something a little off - maybe it was the fact that I enjoyed the appetizer so much, but the main dish was lacking that wow factor for me. It wasn't horrible, but there was nothing that popped, even the mango salsa was a bit on the bland side for me. Lastly, dessert time! I ordered the chocolate fondue!  Really, it's warm chocolate... need I say more?


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