Gluten Free while Traveling

There are some weekends I absolutely hate traveling! It's enough to have pack clothes and what not, two + hour long drive, PLUS to consider gf,df,cf, safe meals on top of all that gets to be a real pain in the ass. 

This past weekend, I had planned to visit my grandparents in NEPA for the Italian festival. Last minute, I really did not feel like packing - so I grabbed some clothes and headed out to pick Fran up. Mia, was coming in on Saturday and would bring food from my parents. I figured, no big deal, I will sleep in and then Mia will be here with food. Wrong. Mia wasn't feeling so well and ran into a bunch of delays. I was left hungry and in a panic as to what I was going to find to eat now. My grandparents legit live in the middle of nowhere, so to have to go out and find breakfast would be a pain in the butt. 

Brave as ever, I took a look at the kitchen pantry. To my amazement, I found breakfast fairly easy. 

I found a bag of brown rice and quinoa, an unopened jar of organic peanut butter, and some maple syrup. Nana loves me! 

The flavor was interesting. The grains had a great garlicky flavor to them, so to try and make it into a PB/ maple syrup worthy meal was intimidating - yet it actually worked really well! 


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