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Supper Philly - Gluten free brunch in Philadelphia

Growing up, as my memory would serve me, as kids we would wake up each and every Sunday to my daddy making the most amazing breakfast. After all, breakfast is the most important meal of the day for both kids and adults! Dad would make his famous banana pancakes, sausage,  bacon, toast and jam - although nothing was like grandma Hulse's toast. The Hulses' lived on a dairy farm and their butter was as fresh as you could get - and freshness really does affect the taste of butter!! Slab a dollop of fresh butter on your perfectly golden brown toast and there is no need for jam/jelly on that baby! Ah - the subject of food, how quickly it can get me off topic!

Back on track here, daddy's breakfasts - at some point in time, I think it was a holiday (I want to say Thanksgiving, but it was probably more like Christmas or Easter) we discovered Taylor Pork Roll and that quickly became a favorite in our house! Anyone who doesn't like Pork Roll is no friend of ours (wink wink) But n…

Banana Leaf, Philadelphia PA

Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me... LALALALALA :D

I love birthdays. Well, really, I love any reason to celebrate. Life is too crazy not to stop and celebrate the small things. I have to say, I don't know that I have had this nice of a birthday in, well, forever. Not sure that I can top this one next year...

The day started normal-ish - I mean, I went to work and did my daily career woman duties, but I had plenty of nice happy birthday songs, cards, wishes, etc throughout the day. Once the work day was over, we headed into the city for the Hendrick's Voyages into the Unusual FREE event.

Honestly, this ranks as my most favorite Philadelphia event thus far! A. you can't beat a free event. B. they served you full size all you can drink amazing cocktails C. they had an adorable band D. the atmosphere / decor was on par and E. great company!

 The only negative is that I wasn't successful in getting very many nice pictures :(

After a night of ple…

Betsy's Gluten Free Bakery, Camp Hill, PA

Birthday season - brings plenty of baked goods. This year, a good friend of mine delivered and she delivered PLENTY of options. She stopped at the new gluten free bakery in Camp Hill, PA

 She got a mix of everything - which was all fall-themed (pumpkin, apple, etc). I did a lot of sniffy and poking and prodding before picking what I wanted to dig into. I get nervous with gluten free baked goods because I have not had many great experiences.

I choose to try the apple muffin (not in picture :D). I tossed it into the microwave for 30 seconds and boom - it was pretty good. Nice and moist.

The pumpkin whoopie however was my favorite. Not only was this moist but it was bursting with flavor! I can't wait to check out Betsy's Bakery myself.

Buddakan, Gluten Free in Philadelphia

Here it is ladies and gentleman – finally my Buddakhan experience. I refer to this one as a BIG one because it has been on the list for some time! It may have even been one of the first entries added to this gluten free adventure list.

Lucky me – I was venturing to Buddakhan for an early birthday dinner.
First impression – the décor reminded both myself and Fran (the older sister) of a warehouse that they tried to make modern / cozy. It was cute – the tables are arranged for a family-style meal – which I like.  I got to sit right under the Big Buddha! The staff was extremely professional and clearly takes pride in their positions. The gluten free menu is on a smaller scale, yet just big enough.  I should have stuck with the safe zone and gone with a salad – but it is birthday week after all so I jumped off the cliff and ordered both the Lobster Fried Rice and then I told the waitress to bring out her entrée of choice. The fried rice came to the table in the family style, or the shar…

Pattypan Squash

My first go at Pattypan Squash! 
LOVE LOVE LOVE! These little babies are bursting with flavor. I simply did a quick steam - tossed with a bit of garlic and olive oil and HEAVEN!

I don't need to know anything else about these little nuggets of heaven - like where they originated from or what the proper way to prepare them is - legit these squash are amazing!

Fall Comfort

Everyone defines comfort in their own terms - me? It has to be one of those cool days - you know, the ones you need snuggle up on a couch all day, maybe light a candle or two. Man, I really wish I had a fireplace.

My real comfort is cooking for those that I love. Fortunately  this fall I have been blessed to with plenty of opportunities to do just that.

All of the below recipes could have easily been made gluten free IF I was to have used gluten free pastas - the remaining ingredients = already gluten free approved.

Tortellini Soup:
- Chicken Broth
- Mushrooms
- Kale
- Salt and Pepper
- Minced Garlic
- Tortellini 

Lasagna Skillet:
- Saute onions and garlic
- Brown sausage and ground meat (we used chicken sausage and ground turkey)
- Mix in a couple blended tomatoes  milk, and broken lasagna noodles.
- Cover and let simmer
- Add the ricotta cheese and any other cheese you want.
- Place it in the broiler until cheese has completely melted.

These may have not been gluten free and safe for me to eat, but …

Creamy Vegan, Gluten-Free Pasta Sauce - Flourish Food Company

Check it out and support Flourish Food Company

Their products sound amazing! 
Flourish Food Company is trying to raise enough money to produce and sell three awesome products: Roasted Garlic Alfredo, Pesto Cream, & Lemony Artichoke with Chives. All three products are 100% vegan, gluten-free, and organic! Win!

Gluten Free Cream of Kale Salad

Those around me are making it clear that I need to come to terms and just accept that fall is here. I mean, the first official day of fall was 2 weeks ago. 
Typically, I love fall. I love the fall colors and in my house, it is BIRTHDAY month! However, for some reason, this year is hard for me to embrace the fall weather. In part, maybe it is because I had such a wonderful summer that I am sad to see it go. On the other hand, maybe I am just not ready to be cold - top that with the fact, we are still missing fall leaves. We do have a splash of color here and there - but nothing of what we should have. 
I've decided the best way to begin my embrace of Fall 2012, is to start cooking like it is fall. Warm, cozy, traditional meals - but with a healthy gf twist. 
Cream of Kale Salad - One Red Onion - Plenty of Garlic - Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Salt and Pepper - Pear - Dried Figs - Kale - One Can of full-fat Coconut Milk
Directions: Sautee the onions and garlic. Toss in the kale, figs, an…

Gluten Free at Tria Wine Bar, Philadelphia

Last night was a fabulous night to go into town, the weather was beautiful and the sky was clear! Is there a better place to spend such a great night, other than at Tria Wine Bar?

This was my first visit to Tria and I must say I was impressed. It is rare that you get both excellent wine and great food all in one package. Tria delivered! My date and I started the night with a blush wine (Rose Txakoli) and two cheeses (PS they have gluten free crackers). We choose the special of the night, Saint Marcellin and a the Yellow Springs Fieldstone. Yes, I know, everyone is thinking AH THE CHEESE - stay away - but you know what, a girls gotta live out on a limb once in a blue moon, no? Now that we have moved pass that hurdle, I did select a goat cheese in hopes it would be more gentle on the tummy. After the blush wine we moved backwards to the white (Arbois Poulsard, Puffeney) and finally to the red wine (Txakolina Bizkaiko Uriond).

We finished our last wine of the evening with salads. My dat…