Buddakan, Gluten Free in Philadelphia

Here it is ladies and gentleman – finally my Buddakhan experience. I refer to this one as a BIG one because it has been on the list for some time! It may have even been one of the first entries added to this gluten free adventure list.

Lucky me – I was venturing to Buddakhan for an early birthday dinner.

First impression – the décor reminded both myself and Fran (the older sister) of a warehouse that they tried to make modern / cozy. It was cute – the tables are arranged for a family-style meal – which I like.  I got to sit right under the Big Buddha!
The staff was extremely professional and clearly takes pride in their positions. The gluten free menu is on a smaller scale, yet just big enough.  I should have stuck with the safe zone and gone with a salad – but it is birthday week after all so I jumped off the cliff and ordered both the Lobster Fried Rice and then I told the waitress to bring out her entrée of choice. The fried rice came to the table in the family style, or the sharing bowl, as I like to call it. I however, did not share. The fried rice was nice. It was fluffy and a delicate flavor. Honestly, I finished the entire portion myself.  Moving on to the entrée of surprise, King Crab Tempura - YIKES! I should have not been so adventurous. The last time I had fried food was, well 5+ years ago. I was trying to be so polite, as I was a guest at the dinner table and I am sure everyone else loves this dish. I however, was not enjoying the experience at all. I ate it, as not to be rude, but it brought back nightmares of being sick, but those couple of moments here and there that I overcame those nightmares, the crab was pretty darn tasty.

All in all, reviewing how much the remainder of my table enjoyed their meals the great food presentations and how well the staff was educated on gluten free needs – the night was a success.

What I don’t understand – why the family style setup when the acoustics are not well enough to hold any conversations within your group?

We decided to pass on the dessert – but before bringing out the check the waitress brought out a birthday dessert! Too sweet! I think the coconut sorbet was my favorite part of the meal. Delicious! 

Again, the night was nice – minus the fabulous parking ticket that Philly ever so nicely gave to us. 


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