Gluten Free at Tria Wine Bar, Philadelphia

Last night was a fabulous night to go into town, the weather was beautiful and the sky was clear! Is there a better place to spend such a great night, other than at Tria Wine Bar?

This was my first visit to Tria and I must say I was impressed. It is rare that you get both excellent wine and great food all in one package. Tria delivered! My date and I started the night with a blush wine (Rose Txakoli) and two cheeses (PS they have gluten free crackers). We choose the special of the night, Saint Marcellin and a the Yellow Springs Fieldstone. Yes, I know, everyone is thinking AH THE CHEESE - stay away - but you know what, a girls gotta live out on a limb once in a blue moon, no? Now that we have moved pass that hurdle, I did select a goat cheese in hopes it would be more gentle on the tummy. After the blush wine we moved backwards to the white (Arbois Poulsard, Puffeney) and finally to the red wine (Txakolina Bizkaiko Uriond).

We finished our last wine of the evening with salads. My date was kind enough to let me order (making everything gf safe). I ordered the salads to split, two-for-one can't beat that! I was a bit indecisive  because figs are one of the loves of my life but for some reason I jumped on the duck salad and the asparagus salad. The asparagus salad was good, but when compared to the duck salad it was nothing! This duck salad had a great smokey flavor. The greens where crunch, yet drenched in a pungent vinaigrette - delicious!

All in all, I most defiantly will recommend Tria Wine Bar, not only because of the superb wine and food, but the atmosphere was cozy, inviting, and modern, with the service getting an A++ in my book. The wait staff worked well as a team and they where friendly and knowledgeable on their wines!

P.S. Don't judge me if I mixed up the wines :D


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