Supper Philly - Gluten free brunch in Philadelphia

Growing up, as my memory would serve me, as kids we would wake up each and every Sunday to my daddy making the most amazing breakfast. After all, breakfast is the most important meal of the day for both kids and adults! Dad would make his famous banana pancakes, sausage,  bacon, toast and jam - although nothing was like grandma Hulse's toast. The Hulses' lived on a dairy farm and their butter was as fresh as you could get - and freshness really does affect the taste of butter!! Slab a dollop of fresh butter on your perfectly golden brown toast and there is no need for jam/jelly on that baby! Ah - the subject of food, how quickly it can get me off topic!

Back on track here, daddy's breakfasts - at some point in time, I think it was a holiday (I want to say Thanksgiving, but it was probably more like Christmas or Easter) we discovered Taylor Pork Roll and that quickly became a favorite in our house! Anyone who doesn't like Pork Roll is no friend of ours (wink wink) But no, really, I am serious. We take our Pork Roll very serious. Another breakfast significant for us kiddos, was when visiting family in Atlantic City, our hostess made eggs for breakfast. Eggs you ask? Yes eggs! I know, everyone and their mother has had eggs - which is true yes. What is also true is that most people over cook and kill the egg that was already dead even before it hit the frying pan. Ethel (our hostess) scrambled her eggs and served them to us with just a tad bit of butter, salt, and pepper. The simplicity of these eggs is the real secret. To this day, our family still refers to scrambled eggs as 'Ethel eggs'.

So you can see, breakfast is not for the faint-of-heart in our household. Any of our friends that where lucky enough to attend one of these family breakfasts, would continue to try and re-invite themselves for the following Sunday - the favorite was daddy's banana pancakes.

I'm comparing breakfast / brunch with my future husband here - so bare with me. Every girl grows up looking for that one man that can fill the shoes of her daddy - as impossible as that may seem; and in my mind, breakfast is the same way. I'm looking for someone / some restaurant that can not only surpass the flavor of my dad's breakfasts (gf style), but to also take me back down memory lane. Where I am sitting in the comfort of my own home wearing my Disney Princess Belle pajamas.

I wish I could say that I have found that someone/ some restaurant that could fulfill all of my breakfast needs - but let's be realistic here, I think my standards are a bit high. I did however, find a restaurant that has come close!!!

This past Sunday  I finally made it to Supper. I was a bit skeptical at first - the brunch menu, like any typical brunch menu was on the smaller scale. Not many of the menu options appeared to be gluten free safe- but I figured, I am in Philly and Philly has been very good and accommodating to my needs - for the most part. In calling the restaurant, I was informed that I could safely choose any of the egg options and the kitchen would make any and all necessary adjustments so that I may enjoy a gluten free brunch. PLUS the restaurant is as much farm-to-table as they can possibly get - so the waitress said, when possible their meats are grass-fed.

When it came time to actually order, I was torn between the Hoboken Benny and the Chilaquiles Navidad. The Taylor ham called my name and then the tomato jam sealed the deal. I had never had tomato jam before so I got a little hyped to finally try it.  My skepticism on the Hoboken - the fried eggs. People tend to over cook  fried eggs - I like my yolk a little runny - that's why for most brunch occasions I will request poached eggs :D.

What's the verdict on my Supper Hoboken Benny? I truly enjoyed the atmosphere. Maybe it was the gorgeous fall weather that we were blessed with. What really gets me, is for brunch, keep in mind this is brunch in Philly - we take our brunch very SERIOUSLY, the restaurant was calm - steady busy, yet calm. The wait staff was friendly and tentative. Now for the food.

WOW! The food was good. The potatoes where crispy on the outside and soft on the inside with just the right amount of salt. The fried eggs, has a little yolk in them (yay - this is the little kid inside of me jumping up and down right now). The hollandaise sauce, was out of this world! The oregano gave it that extra touch! The Taylor pork,really? I mean, you can't go wrong with Taylor pork to begin with, but then cook it to perfection - heaven! The tomato jam - thoughts on this one. This was the one thing on the plate that was either going to be really good or really bad. So which was it? It was amazing. It was savory and sweet all wrapped into one. I was tempted to ask for a jar so that I could just sit there and spoon it right out of the jar and into my mouth. I am legit when I say the tomato jam was this good.

I can't wait to go back to Supper, perhaps my next visit will actually be for supper.


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