Back to La Mattina's Italian Restaurant - Gluten free Heaven

While Mia and I were still enrolled in college, she attended Shippensburg and her boyfriend attended Gettysburg College. While the drive from one to another really is not that bad, it does begin to wear when you do it often - so splitting the drive in half was an appealing option for both parties.

With both families being Italian, they did a quick Google search to see if they couldn't find a decent Italian restaurant some where in the middle. Mia, having the driving sense that I do - just kind of stopped at the first Italian restaurant she saw and proceeded to call her boyfriend and inform him of where she was. Since then, La Mattina's has been a family favorite.   
From the outside, you would never suspect the amazing cuisine this place has to offer, or that they offer a wide variety of gluten free options.  Funny enough, the little sister was a bit homesick and looking for some family company, so we decided to visit her for dinner. At no point in time, had we confirmed a restaurant, but all parties new to drive straight to La Mattina's

La Mattina's always has amazing specials, good food, good potions, and good service - so I am always stumped as to why their restaurant is always so "empty". They must do more pick-ups and delivery than eat-Ins. 

No matter, I know I enjoy the restaurant... When first walking in, you are able to seat yourself in their dinning area. Then the owners' son comes out to greet you and take your order. WARNING::::: their menu is large and everything is delicious! 

My meal started with a side salad. The salad consists of a bed of lettuce  tomato, red onions ( my favorite), pickles, and pickled peppers. I opted for no salad dressing and instead a couple of lemon wedges. The pickled veggies with the citrus from the lemon - perfect combination!!!  

My main dish was the gluten free pasta with red sauce. I really considered the periogies or the Alfredo but, the dairy aspect scared me away. No matter, this plate was so delicious I woofed it all down.

Mia's dish looked so appetizing I had to snap a shot quickly before she bit into it - everyone else was already demolishing their plates before I could snap a photo. 

Mia ordered a whole Stromboli. Look at all that melted gooey cheese! YUM! She loved it!

So thank you La Mattina's for being so amazing and for offering such great gluten free options.


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