Little Baby's Ice Cream - Vegan and Gluten Free

It's a little late in the season to go seeking out ice cream, but let's be honest - I have wanted to try Little Baby's Ice Cream for a very long time! So when the opportunity not only presented itself, but someone else was offering to pay – I jumped on board! Here we are the Saturday before Halloween, and before crazy SANDY and Fran and I are making a Baby Jesus costume for Josh to wear at the TJ Kong and the Atomic Bomb Show – which by the way was an amazing time! Plenty of true fans enjoying great music!

By the time I reached Fran, she was just about in tears. Frustrated that Josh left his Halloween costume to the last-minute and yet trying so hard to make it look nice and as realistic as it possibly could. I swept in to save the day, or so I like to tell myself. I went the simple route. Take two banana boxes and stack them on top of one another for height. Yes, we have two readily available banana boxes lying around – courtesy of Dad. Then wrap those boxes in a natural colored sheet. Spread some straw around it here and there. Then top the boxes with a large basket (the bottom has already been cut out). Tie a sheet along the inside wall of the basket, forming almost a bucket-like shape so that you can stash some straw on the sides. Tada, Baby Jesus costume!

After Fran threatening Josh, more than once that he would be attending this party naked, Josh felt a little obligated to make up for his Halloween Costume Procrastination – hence him offering Little Baby's Ice Cream.

The new Pizza Museum is located right next to Little Baby's Ice Cream and I have to give them the best Halloween costume of the year – a Pizza Man.  It was clearly homemade and absolutely adorable!  - Blah I am getting off track here yet again.

Back on track, Little Baby's Ice Cream, we walked in a number of non-dairy ice cream choices to choose from that actually sounded full of flavor! We confirmed with the staff that today’s flavors where not only dairy free, but gluten-free as well.  After sampling a couple of the flavors, I went with the toasted coconut lime ice cream. YUM! This ice cream was so delicious and smooth – yet still kept the crunchy-ness to the toasted coconut. I can’t wait to go back! Congratulations to Little Baby's Ice Cream, finally a place in Philadelphia that I can see myself visiting on a pretty much regular basis.


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