Why I love my family

There are a number of reasons why I love my family

  • During the crazy work day, my sister and I take the time to exchange a number of e-mails to one another. These e-mails act as a great distraction to a stressful work-day. Not to mention, they usually involve us planning some crazy good time. :D
  • My twin, she lives in what I refer to as "lala-land". Actually, to be frank, I believe my mother has coined this phrase. It's not meant to be a bad thing, but rather, it means she overlooks some of societies harsh-realities and lives in her own world. If your having a crappy day, just pick up the phone and talk to Mia. She will tell you stories of how her little children (she's a teacher) have unicorns that fly and parent's that own entire countries. 
  • Cory, the youngest, she is at the age where she is investigating all that life has to offer. It's a great reminder for me, to take a moment and breathe. I am the creator of my future. If I am not satisfied with where life is now, I can change it. 
  • My Mom. My mom is a home-body and enjoys warm, cozy environments. I think of my mom and I think of holidays, candles, baked goods just about ready to come out of the oven, hot chocolate (with a Hershey's Kiss at the bottom of the mug), and so much more. This helps me remember to slow down and enjoy life
  • My Dad. Ok, there are way way too many reason as to why I love my dad. So I will skip over the long list and share a recent story with you instead. Fran and I traveled home to cast our vote this year. On our way back to Philadelphia we had a conversation about ranking our father's loves. I had something along the lines of Murphy (the family dog), his parents, his daughters, and then his wife. Well, I suppose I stand corrected.... note the e-mail exchange between my father and Fran.

    I suppose those damn chickens are higher on the list than I first predicted.

    To "Fran"
    then i would have to move to philly, where would i put the chickens

    On Wed, Nov 7, 2012 at 2:59PM, Fran wrote:
    >If you are searching Craigslist for Part-Time work and off jobs, why not apply to be the Eagles' Head Coach
    >via philebrity.com by Jim Adair on 11/7/12
    >Honestly, if you send your resume in, what is the worst thing that could happen? Oh right, they could hire you.


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