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Traveling for the Holidays - gluten free style

Like a 10+ hour car ride is not enough to dread - when you mix in food allergies, things get a bit harder. My family likes to try and shorten the trip as much as possible and therefore, any stops made are quick in-and-out gas / bathroom breaks. So what does one pack to eat in the car that can travel well?

I have done a lot of investigating in this area - I have a portable fridge and a portable microwave. While the fridge is used almost always, the microwave rarely is. This time, I didn't want to pack the basic pb and j sandwiches. I did pack some salads and of course some oatmeal with my FAVORITE Christmas present, pistachio butter.

We made a quick gas stop and I ran in doors to grab a cup of hot water.  I simply mixed that with some gluten free rolled out, honey, cinnamon, toasted coconut pieces, and some pistachio butter. Filling, easy, and delicious.

I want to take this time to wish everyone a safe and happy new year! If you are out and about traveling tonight - be do so safel…

Trevi 5, Gluten Free in Hershey, PA

I find it hard to travel away from the city and still find a meal that I enjoy - and enjoy it not because it is loaded with what I refer to as America's top addictive ingredients (butter, oil, and salt) - but because when I bite into it I can taste the love and passion that was used to create this masterpiece.

For me, eating is not a matter of necessity, but rather an enjoyable, premeditated event that occurs three, or more, times a day. Which is why it pisses me off even more when I go out to eat, usually paying a ridiculous fee, and yet I don't enjoy the meal. It aggravates me to all ends. I know, it's a little odd, but it is who I am and food is a very important part of my life. It's disappointing to me to take a bite in such a lovely plated dish and to my disgust, the only real flavor that my tongue is experiencing is that of butter, oil, salt, and in general - cheap inexpensive ingredients 

A good family friend (Maria) of ours is a chef in the Hershey area and I …

Happy Holidays

No matter what you choose to celebrate this holiday season, I hope you spend this time with those you love. Happy Holidays

How do you deal with all the Gluten during the Holiday Season?

Here are just some of the ingredients from my grandma's secret biscotti cookies. That's right, a whole 5lb bag of all purpose flour goes into these delicious, well-loved cookies. Well, as least I remember them to be delicious and the family seems to enjoy them. 
I don't want to be left out of the family traditions on the count of my gluten free allergy. I mean, it sucks to miss out on a number of life's pleasures, but more so during the holiday season when all I want to do is spend as much time with my family and loved ones as possible. Every year, I say, what the hey and go all in, and I ALWAYS regret it later on in the day when I realize that just the inhalation and close counters with gluten have caused me to feel like CRAP! 
This year I decided I wanted to enjoy the family traditions and NOT get sick. 
I came equipped. I have the essential apron. Added some hospital gloves to keep my hands clean and what I figure to be the most important part of this get-up.... th…

New Gluten Free Product - Cocomama Quinoa Cereal

Has any one seen these products from Cocomama - better yet, has anyone tried these yet? They are a bit on the pricing side - if I remember correctly, it was something like $4.00 a pop - OUCH!!! 

Happy Holidays... Muddy Buddy Popcorn

Holidays, can be hard if you focus on all the things you CAN'T have. That's why I enjoy making things for those I love and for their loved ones. My sister, bless her heart, is an elementary school teacher. It's her last week of school before the new year.

Having some time off from work, I decided to help out as much as I could at home. I have done the cleaning, cooking, laundry, etc. I still wanted to do more - the obvious answer? Why baking of course. What better way to spread Christmas Cheer than baking?

This year,  I decided to make some Muddy Buddy Popcorn for my sister and her fellow teachers.

My parents have a popcorn maker so I simply made a double (well, maybe triple) batch of popcorn. Then added some melted chocolate and peanut butter (could use another butter to make peanut free). Add a dash or two of vanilla then mix with the popcorn. The last step is to add some powdered sugar and let dry before packing. YUM!

Gluten Free Bread - FAILURE

I truly hate most gluten free breads. Gluten free breads tend to be very dense, dry in consistency, and have a rather strong taste. In the past I have been known to make a pretty decent gluten free bread, but my current living conditions don't really allow for a lot of baking these days.

Something about the holidays has me eager to try yet again to create an alright gluten free option. I'm addicted to spreading as much nut butter on a slice of bread that I possibly can and then drenching it in a mountain of honey - YUM!

Well, my most recent attempt, was, well, let's just say, not so good.

Following Ingredients: Coconut flourCoconut flakesOatmealFlaxseedBananas ZucchiniHoneyVanilla GingerNutmegAlmond FlourMesquite FlourOrange Juice Results:  Dry and a very strong taste of YUCK!  Oh well - I tried and will continue to do so until I find a recipe that works.

Eden- A Vegan Cafe, Scranton,PA - GLUTEN FREE OPTIONS

Way back when I was an undergraduate - I lived in the Scranton / Wilkes Barre, PA area. I was newly diagnosed with the gluten allergy and had little to no luck finding any local restaurants that offered gluten free options. I quickly grew tired of the steamed chicken and veggie selections - I was lucky to once and awhile find a place that offered gluten free pasta - but even on those rare occasions, the pasta was either under-cooked and crunchy or overcooked to the point it was mush.

I do try and return back to this area often to visit family and friends - so you can only imagine the surprised look on my face when I stumbled upon Eden - A Vegan Cafe. Two points for Eden 1. For a large gluten free selection and 2. for dairy free - YAY! Honestly, Eden has a large gluten free menu ranging from Hummus and gluten free bread triangles, salads, rice dishes (with gluten free soy sauce), and sandwiches. If you don't see it on the gluten free menu, just ask. They are more than happy to acco…

A Trip To Wegmans & My Gluten Free Discoveries

Because I am Italian, I have to start with the pasta.

Wegmens now carries RPs Gluten Free Pasta. I have to say, I have been reading a lot of good reviews on RP - but had not yet seen it sold anywhere.

At first glance, this is the freshest and and closest to the real things (looks wise anyhow) than I have seen to date. However, this package carries a whopping 600 - 700 calories, and God knows I would eat the whole thing in one serving! 
Perhaps in the future I will splurge and make a nice gluten free pasta dish....

Another popular topic these days, Chestnuts.

Le Pain des fleurs has a great selection of gluten free crispbreads - these don't actually taste like dirt!!! Woo Hoo!!

These will make a great accompaniment to the Holiday trays.

Helen's Kitchen offers a decent variety of low calorie, low fat, and some have low sodium - gluten free meals.

I did have a hard time trying to find a meal that did not contain either corn or soy....

I hadn't seen Wildbrine's product in Wegm…