Eden- A Vegan Cafe, Scranton,PA - GLUTEN FREE OPTIONS

Way back when I was an undergraduate - I lived in the Scranton / Wilkes Barre, PA area. I was newly diagnosed with the gluten allergy and had little to no luck finding any local restaurants that offered gluten free options. I quickly grew tired of the steamed chicken and veggie selections - I was lucky to once and awhile find a place that offered gluten free pasta - but even on those rare occasions, the pasta was either under-cooked and crunchy or overcooked to the point it was mush.

I do try and return back to this area often to visit family and friends - so you can only imagine the surprised look on my face when I stumbled upon Eden - A Vegan Cafe. Two points for Eden 1. For a large gluten free selection and 2. for dairy free - YAY! Honestly, Eden has a large gluten free menu ranging from Hummus and gluten free bread triangles, salads, rice dishes (with gluten free soy sauce), and sandwiches. If you don't see it on the gluten free menu, just ask. They are more than happy to accommodate and make any necessary adjustments to a menu item so that it is safe for their gluten free guests.

I asked the waitress for their most popular gluten free option and I was directed to the Chicken Cheese Steak - so I went with that with melted mozzarella and a side of mixed veggies. Not, that these mixed veggies weren't amazing - because they really where. They were steamed just right and did not have any added butter or oils!!! BUT their smashed potatoes where amazing!!!

The onions and peppers were sauteed just right and the gluten free bread managed to with stand the sandwich! I can't wait to return and eat pretty much everything off their menu!

Nana - what a trooper she is! Going willingly into a vegan cafe. The wonderful soul that she is played it safe and went with a chickpea soup that she truly enjoyed! At the end of the soup, I thought she might just lick the bowl clean!

Fran went with the kielbasa and pepper sandwich and the smashed potatoes -which I was sure to help in the disappearance of! 

I don't think I can get too much more serious when I say this place makes me want to move back to the Scranton area. I wanted to return on Sunday, BUT they where closed - so I will be sure to stop back next time I am in the area! 

P.S if you hit up Eden, stop next door to Fanciful Fox handmade soap and candle shop. 


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