Gluten Free & Vegan at 333 Belrose, Radnor PA

It is rare to find an accommodating company - especially in the restaurant field. I get it, a plate (or a dish, not sure what the correct term is here) is a chef's masterpiece, so it is difficult to make changes or edits according to taste.

At 333 Belrose, in Radnor, PA the company not only makes accommodations - it is to my observation that Belrose thrives off of these unique requests. I have been to 333 Belrose a couple of times prior to today, but their menu is seasonal and you do not know if they have a new chef since the last visit, or if the staff assigned to lunch is a little less knowledgeable on food allergies - I mean,  with my food allergies I never like to take chances.

To avoid a potentially awkward lunch meeting, I called 333 Belrose the day before and let the hostess know that I was gluten free, dairy free, and tried to lean more towards vegan eating and I was wondering if this would be at all possible. To my shock, the hostess's response was inviting and eager. She informed me that they got a large number of gluten free and dairy free requests and that they have a number of vegan substitutes on hand. I just needed to let me server know upon arrival and the chef would be more than happy to adjust an item on the menu, creating something off menu, or if I had any special requests they would be more than happy to try and accommodate. What a relief and an already good start to a lunch meeting.

My college and I arrived at 333 Belrose for lunch, without reservations and by the looks of things, I do recommend reservations - but because it is our lucky day, no reservations were needed and we landed a great table.

The hostess was there and just as inviting as she was the day before on the phone. The severs where excellent. We jumped the gun and let our server know that he had two picky or somewhat complicated eaters today. Lucky him, he had a vegan and gluten free somewhat vegan (well, working on it). I should have guessed what his response would be, as the prior days phone call went so well, but still, I was amazed at how calm and slightly enthusiastic his response was. He left to speak with the chef and came back with a load of options for both of us.

We both decided to start with the spicy tomato fennel bisque. The soup was comforting start to a cold, blistering day. It was smooth and had a nice kick to it. You could tell fresh quality ingredients where behind this masterpiece. 

Second course was a delicious (off-menu) platter of balsamic vegetables, beans, mango jalapeno salsa, and pesto. There have been several times that I have ordered a platter of vegetables while out before and I ended up with a tasteless platter of mush, and might I add, the platter is typically much smaller. 

It's a nice change to be able to walk into a lunch meeting and enjoy a wholesome, healthy, delicious meal out.  Added bonus, I noticed their dinner menu had the mango jalapeno salsa on it and we all know my obsession with mangos, so I just couldn't help but ask if they had started to prepare that night's salsa in advance -  I told you, it was my lucky day. 

Thank you 333 Belrose for providing my colleague and I with such an enjoyable lunch meeting - and thank you to my colleague for the beginning of a new friendship.  


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