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Whipped Feta (Like Zahav Taught Us)

Image maybe not exactly like Zahav taught us, but we are trying...

Remember that amazing potato salad with whipped Feta from Zahav? The waiter, Michael, was polite enough to share his secret with both Fran and I.

Naturally, shortly after, we both bought a tub of feta and began trying to recreate our own whipped feta.

I began the process in the blender, just as Michael had instructed us to - BUT I definitely do not have as powerful of a blender as Zahav.... Anyhow, I just patiently kept the blender pulsing. Once I begin to see a bit of liquid I removed the feta from the blender and into a bowl where I began hand whisking - what a chore, but well worth it!

Slowly but surely, the mixture began to transform into a cottage cheese like texture and then into a more whipped like state.

While the end result was less than perfect, I will add that some time in the fridge did help :)

Result - this try was a fail, but all the more reason to keep trying!

Gluten Free "Pasta"

I'm not a fan of the alternative gluten free pastas - here and there I try different versions ( rice, corn, bean, buckwheat, and so on) but they are nothing I couldn't live without. 
I do however, LOVE vegetable pasta. This one is a mix of carrot and squash. I tossed in some other veggies, lime juice, apple cider vinegar, herbs, and turmeric. 
Makes for a great quick and easy gluten free lunch! No microwave needed! 

Zahav Kitchen Counter - A Gluten Free Experience to Remember

While I still consider myself new to the Philadelphia food scene, I couldn't miss the rumble of press that Chef Michael Solomonov and his modern Israeli restaurant,Zahav, were making.

2011 James Beard Best Chef in the Mid Atlantic Craig Laban awarded Zahav 4 BellsMichael Solomonov's appearance on The Layover - Philadelphia Appearance on the Today " of our true culinary stars" "Biggest culinary success in Philly's history."Esquire's Top 20 New Restaurants in America- 2008 

In August 2011 Zahav announced a truly special prix fixe experience: every Friday and Saturday evening four lucky guests are seated at the kitchen counter for an expansive 9 to 10 course off-menu feast prepared especially for them by Chef Solomonov.  

I resolved not to visit Zahav at all until I had landed a spot at the kitchen counter.  On the first day of each month, I faithfully sent my email at 12 noon requesting four seats for any available Fr…

Everything but the Kitchen Sink

I needed to use up some extra ingredients that I had left over and figured the best way to do that would be a warm winter soup.
Ingredients: -Fennel -Carrots -Squash -Onion -Parsley -Lemon Juice -Tomato -Cumin -Kale -Spinach

Israel Salad with a Twist

This salad is simple: -Cucumbers -Tomatoes -Onion -Fennel -Parsley -Green Pepper -Lemon Juice -I added apple cider vinegar -I added rep pepper and turmeric  -I added seaweed

The Best Way to Start A Day - GGS

I have posted on this before, but just thought I would re-visit how much I love the GGS

The smoothies is simple:
1 head of lettuce
1 cup of water
A bunch of spinach
A bunch of kale
Some celery
1 apple
1 pear
1 apple
Juice of 1 lemon
A knob of ginger
A handful of parsley

I tend to follow my smoothie with a nice cup of freshly brewed ginger tea :)

Taffets Gluten Free Bakery, Philadelphia, PA

After checking out Paesano's in the Italian Market we decided to take a stroll - God only knows why, because it was a bit chilly and the wind was brutal - but for some reason we decided to move along and it was a good thing we did because I am came across Taffets Bakery.  

While I have had the opportunity to try Taffets Bakery before, I was not all that impressed. While glancing at the products and speaking with some of the staff, I learned Taffets Bakery was responsible for the bread I just devoured at Paesano's

Maybe I am just not a baked goods type of gal, but Taffets Bakery's bread is pretty amazing! 
While Taffets Bakery's baquette is made of white rice flour, tapioca, raw honey, apple cider vinegar, egg, evoo, gum, yeast, and distilled water - I am much more interested in giving their other bread variations a try - especially the quinoa loaf.

Paesano - Gluten Free Philadelphia

It's a rare occurrence that I get my twin sister in town - so you can bet your bottom-dollar that I am going to cram as much as I possibly can into our visits.

While nothing could compare to our Friday night Kitchen Counter experience at Zahav (post coming soon), I figured the next best thing would be to take Mia and her boyfriend to the Italian Market. I mean, makes sense, where else would you take to Italians looking for some good Italian products?

While I have been very serious about trying to live a more vegan lifestyle - I put that whole thought process on hold this weekend and took advantage of such by stopping at Paesano's.Paesano's is one of the many famous Philadelphian spots. Paesano's has been featured on Anthony Bourdain's the Layover, Bobby Flay's Throwdown, etc. 

But the question is, do they really live up to all this hype? We all know there are plenty of "famous" spots in Philadelphia (or any location for that matter) but once we try th…