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Happy Easter - Gluten Free Style

The holidays always bring tradition and this year we are preparing deviled eggs two ways:

1. Mom's version
2. Grandma's (dad's mom's) version

Mom's VersionIngredients:
-Hard Boiled Eggs
-Miracle Whip

*Simply hard boil the eggs, cut the eggs length wise and put the cooked yolks in one bowl and the whites in a hand-dandy deviled egg holder (if you do not have one, you can use any container). Smash up the egg yolks, mix in some miracle whip (add as much as you need to make it creamy), and scoop the yolk mixture into the eggs whites. Sprinkle with paprika and place in the fridge until ready. 
-This recipe is best the next day, so if you have a full 24 hours to prepare in advance, do so. 

Grandma's VersionIngredients: -Hard boiled eggs

*Simply hard boil the eggs, cut the eggs length wise and put the cooked yolks in one bowl and the whites in a hand-dandy deviled egg holder (if you do not have one, you can use any container). Smash up the egg yo…

Gluten Free At Matador, Wayne, PA

Tonight I had the opportunity to finally try the long-awaited Matador in Wayne, PA.

I did some pretty extensive research on the restaurant - customer reviews - a rather in-depth study of the menu - and I spoke with one of the managers.

The reviews are iffy - some say Matador is "amazing"  others say not worth is.

The menu looks promising for a gluten free vegan eater.

The manager was extraordinarily knowledgeable on both the gluten free world and the vegan world. Some may have difficultly merging the two worlds, but this manager was able to withstand the challenge and any questions I tossed at him.

Upon arrival, the curb appeal of Matador is an A+. It gives off that  sexy inviting vibe. Walking into the restaurant, Matador is able to retain that hott, flamenco dancing atmosphere.

I was able to sneak in a quick talk with the hostess before my guest arrived. The hostess, now armed and ready with my food preferences chose to seat us upstairs where the more knowledgeable chef w…

Quick and Easy Gluten Free Spicy Salad

While visiting my folks last weekend, long-story-sort, I fractured my wrist. Being right-handed, with the limited use of my left-hand I realized just how much I truly use it! I have made some accommodations and I am adjusting just fine, but the little things have proven to be very appreciated this week. 
Thank goodness I was prepared in advance and made a ginormous salad for my work lunches - and I received a lot of compliments for this one!
It was one of the easiest salads I have ever made. -Coleslaw mix -Zucchini Noodles -Celery -Radish -Celery   -Cucumber -Greens -Peppers -Scallions -Sprouts -Cilantro -Lemon Juice -Organic Apple Cider Vinegar -Turmeric -Red Pepper -Cumin (just a pinch)

Gluten Free Easter Candy

EASTER CANDY LIST - Provided by glutenfreechecklist.comSWEET PETE’S ALL NATURAL SWEETS
Gourmet Gluten Free Chocolate Bunnies, Peanut Butter Eggs, Buttercream Eggs, All Natural Lollipops & All Natural Assorted Candy

BUTTERFINGER – Crème Eggs, Nest Eggs,

CADBURY - Caramel Egg Candy, CADBURY Caramel Mini Eggs, CADBURY Crème Egg Candy, CADBURY Crème Mini Eggs, CADBURY Dairy Milk Solid Milk Chocolate Bunny, CADBURY Mini Eggs Candy, CADBURY Dairy Milk Hollow Egg filled with CADBURY Mini Eggs, CADBURY Orange Crème Egg

DUBBLE BUBBLE – Speckled Chick Eggs Bubble Gum, Egg Shaped Bubble Gum

FERRARA PAN- Chewy Lemonhead and Friends Jelly Beans, Lemonhead & Friends Jelly Beans Boxes, Lemonhead & Friends Jely Chix & Rabbits, Chocolate Almond Eggs, Chewy Lemonhead & Friends/Red Hot Jelly Bean

GIMBAL’s FINE CANDIES - Assorted Easter Gourmet Jelly Beans, Easter Pink Gourmet Jelly Beans, Sour Bunnies,

HARIBO – Gold Bunnies

HARIBO – Gummi Candy-Gold Bunny


Fermenting Fantastic Food In Philadelphia with Amanda

Amanda, a local Philadelphian, has a passion for fermentation and takes pleasure in educating others!

If you have any interest in fermentation, be not afraid, Amanda breaks down the steps of fermenting into an easily digestible process. Further details can be found on Amanda's blog, Phickle, plus add her blog to your reader for first hand notice of upcoming course offerings- trust me, it is well worth it!

Prior to attending the course with Amanda, I did express my  gluten free concerns - which she ever so knowledgeably replied back with confidence that this particular course would be 100% gluten free.

Upon arrival, which of course Fran and I were late to (my apologies a thousand times), Amanda had prepared a number of kimchi varieties - hot mild and very hot - served with corn wraps (yay, gluten free!). I enjoyed each variety, but we all know where my heart is --- the more heat the better.

Amanda quickly moved into the educational part of the course and then we were off, creating …

New Gluten Free Products

I can't wait to try this - it is also corn free! Has anyone else seen these in the store and have you tried them yet?

Love for Philly

I have lived in the Philadelphia area off and on for almost three years now. I am proud to call Philly my home!
More photos to come! :)