Gluten Free At Matador, Wayne, PA

Tonight I had the opportunity to finally try the long-awaited Matador in Wayne, PA.

I did some pretty extensive research on the restaurant - customer reviews - a rather in-depth study of the menu - and I spoke with one of the managers.

The reviews are iffy - some say Matador is "amazing"  others say not worth is.

The menu looks promising for a gluten free vegan eater.

The manager was extraordinarily knowledgeable on both the gluten free world and the vegan world. Some may have difficultly merging the two worlds, but this manager was able to withstand the challenge and any questions I tossed at him.

Upon arrival, the curb appeal of Matador is an A+. It gives off that  sexy inviting vibe. Walking into the restaurant, Matador is able to retain that hott, flamenco dancing atmosphere.

I was able to sneak in a quick talk with the hostess before my guest arrived. The hostess, now armed and ready with my food preferences chose to seat us upstairs where the more knowledgeable chef was stationed.

The hostess stood corrected, the waiter was very well-educated not only on the gluten free and began needs, but on the entire food and drink menu. The waiter did not mind taking the time to go through everything in detail and make a couple of recommendations.

We started with a couple of glasses of wine and shared the Pico De Gallo and the Guacamole. The Pico De Gallo, while a tad bit too mild for my liking, was still pretty delicious and clearly freshly made. The guacamole  is made right on spot. The waiter wheels over his tray and proceeds to cut and mash the avocados in front of his audience. What a presentations and way to set the bar high! The taste, did not hold not even come close to the presentation. There was no taste. No jalapeno. Just bland mush - which I have to say, I should have been prepared for, as a number of the online reviews did warn of this - than again, some of the online reviews raved about Matador's guacamole.

Hopeful for a better entree, the waiter recommended a vegetable fajita with the following toppings: guacamole,pico de gallo, and lettuce. The skillet came out sizzling hot and looked pretty satisfying.

Sadly, once again, there was no real flavor in the guacamole and the vegetables were lathered, drenched, soaked, however you want to say it, in a boat load of oil. 

My guest tried the steak filet, which was overcooked and dry, with the spicy potatoes. My guest was unable to finish his dish due to the dissatisfaction in taste.

Overall, the atmosphere receives an A+, the wait staff receives an A, but the food receives a D. My advice, this time around, listen to the online reviews.


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