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Malia's Cafe, Ocean City Maryland Offers Gluten Free Pancakes

Malia's Cafe in Ocean City, Maryland has something special to offer us gluten free folks! Gluten Free Pancakes!  When we first arrived for breakfast, I asked the waiter if they were able to offer anything that was gluten free and vegan. She quickly replied, we have a gluten free pancakes and waffle mix. My hopes are so high! I have not had a gluten free pancake in ....well...years, let alone have gluten free pancakes while out. I quickly came back to reality and asked the waiter, what about cross-contamination? Are these gluten free menu items cooked on their own griddles? The waiter was honest and said, no - they are made on the same flat top. However, we can use clean utensils and a pan to make you some gluten free pancakes. 
The gluten free pancakes came out delicious and my stomach did just fine with them! The rest of the family enjoyed their breakfast dishes as well - I would have to say, the french toast smelled and looked the most appealing! 

Mother's Cantina, Ocean City Maryland

Mother's Cantina, is an adorable joint located right off of Philadelphia Ave. in Ocean City, Maryland.

Being gluten free and vegan, you know you are always taking a chance when eating out. Back in the hotel we took votes on what type of cuisine everyone was in the mood for, Mexican won and Mother's Cantina was the nearest location...

I walked into the restaurant armed and ready with my own prepacked dinner - but after having a quick but detailed conversation with the hostess I was feeling confident that Mother's Cantina might just be able to deliver a gluten free meal.

Of course, before ordering I spoke with the waiter and asked for recommendations / their famous dishes. I decided to go with a side of Mexican rice, a side of refried beans, and a small service of guacamole and pico.

I was a bit disappointed - it is clear Mother's Cantina makes their sides in bulk and leaves them to sit for an extended period of time. While the beans had an ok flavor - they and the rice…

A Gluten Free Vegan Weekend of Traveling

While I love traveling and just packing up and running away for a weekend, sometimes, it's more of a stress than a relaxer. I don't know what I am going to find in terms of food --- what all do I need to pack and if I don't eat it, did I just waste food?

The questions and stress seem to pile up! This weekend however, I was determined to do it. I really wanted to make it to OCMD to support my sister and her team at their cheerleading competition. So I packed up and off we were.

I decided to pack a quick lunch for the car ride - it's a great way for me to waste some time in a long car ride. Especially since we all know, everyone else is going to fall asleep on me ...

For lunch I tossed together a cilantro pesto salad and some fresh mango! Again, addicted to mango!

The ride ended up a bit long thanks to traffic - but hey I got some good quality me time in! Which to be honest, after such a crazy busy week just kind of sitting and relaxing was much appreciated and the weathe…

Jar Bar: Raw, Vegan, & Gluten Free

I am truly appreciative that the movement towards healthier eating is slowly but surely taking over Philadelphia and its surrounding areas. I am not just speaking in regards to gluten free options, but raw, vegetarian, vegan, grass-fed meat, and so on are all becoming readily available!

Just thought I would toss out another reason to love the city of brotherly love! It took awhile for Philadelphia to feel like home for me, but now I'm starting to fall hard for this amazing city and all the opportunities it has to offer. 
In my venture to learn and love this city - I have stumbled into a number of establishment and it is rare that I am unable to find something to eat. Yes, typically my adventures involve lots of questions to both the wait staff and chef - but much to my dismay, the chefs are enthusiastic to have the opportunity to create a one of a kind masterpiece that meets my needs and wants. It's such an honor to be able to first hand, experience the culinary talent we have…

Bulu Box, Gluten Free?

I've received a number of emails from friends and family in regards to the current Living Social deal for Bulu Box.

I finally caved in and decided to check out the website. There was no apparent evidence that these monthly boxes are gluten free so I emailed the company and received the following response.

For now, I will steer clear of Bulu Box, but look forward to the possibility of someday ordering a 100% GF Bulu Box.

"We like to put a variety of products in each Bulu box that will work for the majority of our Bulugans and their lifestyles. That being said, we cannot guarantee that every product in your monthly Bulu Box will be gluten free. However, we are working very hard to make customized boxes for our Bulugans a possibility in the near future. ..."

More Love for Zahav

Once again, Zahav is impressing Philadelphian bloggers.

Check out this adorable post from Tasty Sausages. Every dish, minus those that contained eggplant were devoured by Jett and his guests. It just goes to prove that Zahav will not disappoint.

I would love to team up with Jett some time soon and explore some amazing Philly food!

University of Penn Offers Gluten Free

Work took me into the big city of Philadelphia today.

I love driving into the city, especially in the wee hours of a sunny morning. Now, I could do without the stand still traffic that comes with driving into any city, but in all honesty, it was still a pretty meditative drive for me.

Out of no where, it was getting closer to 1:00pm and my stomach was calling my name. I decided to take a chance and try UPenn's food court. I was pretty sure that I would be at a loss and it would be even later and still nothing in my stomach.

At first glance, UPenn's food court is way more attractive than any of my prior school's food courts ever could have been. I took a little walk around and while at first glance I did not find anything that appeared to GF safe. I saw a sushi bar, sandwich bar, pasta bar, pizza, etc. -all the obvious non-GF friendly college kid food.

Then I turned around and saw a bookshelf of Glutino gf offerings - cookies, chips, crackers... . There is hope, they unders…