A Gluten Free Vegan Weekend of Traveling

While I love traveling and just packing up and running away for a weekend, sometimes, it's more of a stress than a relaxer. I don't know what I am going to find in terms of food --- what all do I need to pack and if I don't eat it, did I just waste food?

The questions and stress seem to pile up! This weekend however, I was determined to do it. I really wanted to make it to OCMD to support my sister and her team at their cheerleading competition. So I packed up and off we were.

I decided to pack a quick lunch for the car ride - it's a great way for me to waste some time in a long car ride. Especially since we all know, everyone else is going to fall asleep on me ...

For lunch I tossed together a cilantro pesto salad and some fresh mango! Again, addicted to mango!

The ride ended up a bit long thanks to traffic - but hey I got some good quality me time in! Which to be honest, after such a crazy busy week just kind of sitting and relaxing was much appreciated and the weather was just perfect. The sun was out and shinning and it was warm - but not too warm.

I made out like a bandit when it came to food this weekend, postings coming soon . There are still some restaurants, despite them having allergy menus, that I still just don't trust to provide a safe gluten free / vegan meal. When the fam squad ran into Ruby Tuesdays for a quick lunch I opted to bring in my own food, which Ruby Tuesdays was kind enough to allow.

I brought in a salad with a tahini honey dressing and a seaweed topping - which provide that nice needed saltiness to the salad!

Tahini Dressing
-Honey (not vegan, I know)
-Ground pepper

I had an awesome weekend - proud of the Penn State Mont Alto girls!

They performed with their hearts and nailed their movements!

Oh and look what we found - the FLAMINGO HOTEL


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