Jar Bar: Raw, Vegan, & Gluten Free

I am truly appreciative that the movement towards healthier eating is slowly but surely taking over Philadelphia and its surrounding areas. I am not just speaking in regards to gluten free options, but raw, vegetarian, vegan, grass-fed meat, and so on are all becoming readily available!

Just thought I would toss out another reason to love the city of brotherly love! It took awhile for Philadelphia to feel like home for me, but now I'm starting to fall hard for this amazing city and all the opportunities it has to offer. 

In my venture to learn and love this city - I have stumbled into a number of establishment and it is rare that I am unable to find something to eat. Yes, typically my adventures involve lots of questions to both the wait staff and chef - but much to my dismay, the chefs are enthusiastic to have the opportunity to create a one of a kind masterpiece that meets my needs and wants. It's such an honor to be able to first hand, experience the culinary talent we have here in Philly!

From time-to-time, I do get stuck with the safe dish of roasted oil-coated vegetables. These are time times that I suck it up, appreciate that I am able to eat something and enjoy my company. So when I find an establishment that is 100% gluten free and vegan, I get a bit hyped. OK - I get overly hyped!

On my top list of Must Trys, has been Jar Bar. Oddly enough, I just never had the time to search it out. Shame on me, because it turns out, it is so close I could most likely walk there. 

Jar Bar is located right inside the Philadelphia Sports Club in Wayne. Just walk in the main entrance and BOOM- to your left is Jar Bar! 

Juices can be purchased pre-made or fresh-to-order. 

The only disappointment for me, was that the food is only available pre-made and not everything on the menu is always available. Maybe I was setting the standards high after my visit to nearby Raw Can Roll. Either way, the juice was amazing and the food was just as wonderful!

I choose to go with the popular Burn Juice. This juice contains cucumber, apple, lemon, ginger, and cayenne. 
I LOVE cucumber
I LOVE apple
I LOVE lemon
I LOVE ginger
I LOVE cayenne

.... but cayenne mixed into a juice --- hmm, not sure if I would enjoy it or hate it. Of course, I loved it! It gave the juice I nice kick! 

My options for food, were a bit limited this particular date and time. I had the options of:
-Sprouted Hummus Salad
-Raw Sweet Potato Pasta
-Baja Burrito 
-Meatloaf (not listed on their online menu)
-An assortment of desserts.

I choose to go with the Baja Burrito. This collard leaf  is stuffed with a mixture of chili-cumin walnuts, tomatoes  onions, and sprouts. It had great flavor, but it was missing a sauce to take away from all the crunch from the nuts. The menu pairs this burrito with a cashew ranch sauce, but that was missing from the refrigerator  I kindly asked the staff if there was a dressing available and she recommended the creamy avocado citrus dressing - what a great match!

I honestly could have devoured a galled on this avocado dressing! It was creamy, light, refreshing, and tangy all in one! 

I can't wait to return and I wish Jar Bar the best of luck and hope of future expansions. This wish may be a bit selfish, but I really do enjoy being able to step outside and fine a healthy, quick meal. 

Next visit I am hopeful to try both the Sprouted Hummus Wrap in a toasted nori wrap and / or the Burger and Fries dish! 


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