Malia's Cafe, Ocean City Maryland Offers Gluten Free Pancakes

Malia's Cafe in Ocean City, Maryland has something special to offer us gluten free folks! Gluten Free Pancakes! 
When we first arrived for breakfast, I asked the waiter if they were able to offer anything that was gluten free and vegan. She quickly replied, we have a gluten free pancakes and waffle mix. My hopes are so high! I have not had a gluten free pancake in ....well...years, let alone have gluten free pancakes while out. I quickly came back to reality and asked the waiter, what about cross-contamination? Are these gluten free menu items cooked on their own griddles? The waiter was honest and said, no - they are made on the same flat top. However, we can use clean utensils and a pan to make you some gluten free pancakes. 

The gluten free pancakes came out delicious and my stomach did just fine with them!
The rest of the family enjoyed their breakfast dishes as well - I would have to say, the french toast smelled and looked the most appealing! 


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