Mother's Cantina, Ocean City Maryland

Mother's Cantina, is an adorable joint located right off of Philadelphia Ave. in Ocean City, Maryland.

Being gluten free and vegan, you know you are always taking a chance when eating out. Back in the hotel we took votes on what type of cuisine everyone was in the mood for, Mexican won and Mother's Cantina was the nearest location...

I walked into the restaurant armed and ready with my own prepacked dinner - but after having a quick but detailed conversation with the hostess I was feeling confident that Mother's Cantina might just be able to deliver a gluten free meal.

Of course, before ordering I spoke with the waiter and asked for recommendations / their famous dishes. I decided to go with a side of Mexican rice, a side of refried beans, and a small service of guacamole and pico.

I was a bit disappointed - it is clear Mother's Cantina makes their sides in bulk and leaves them to sit for an extended period of time. While the beans had an ok flavor - they and the rice were cold. 

The side of rice also lacked any real flavor or spice to it. I mean, isn't that the point of calling it Mexican rice - because of the bold flavor? 

The guacamole on the other hand was delicious! I couldn't get enough!

My dad had the chicken fajita - which he devoured and just an FYI could be made GF. 

Thank you Mother's Cantina for offering gluten free safe dishes - my advise - focus on preparing fresh dishes!


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