University of Penn Offers Gluten Free

Work took me into the big city of Philadelphia today.

I love driving into the city, especially in the wee hours of a sunny morning. Now, I could do without the stand still traffic that comes with driving into any city, but in all honesty, it was still a pretty meditative drive for me.

Out of no where, it was getting closer to 1:00pm and my stomach was calling my name. I decided to take a chance and try UPenn's food court. I was pretty sure that I would be at a loss and it would be even later and still nothing in my stomach.

At first glance, UPenn's food court is way more attractive than any of my prior school's food courts ever could have been. I took a little walk around and while at first glance I did not find anything that appeared to GF safe. I saw a sushi bar, sandwich bar, pasta bar, pizza, etc. -all the obvious non-GF friendly college kid food.

Then I turned around and saw a bookshelf of Glutino gf offerings - cookies, chips, crackers... . There is hope, they understand what GF is!! I was rushed and with a colleague from work, so I did not have the opportunity to speak with the kitchen staff, so I said a prayer and grabbed a pre-made salad and hoped for the best.

It was a plain side salad and I used little to no dressing, so I can't say anything positive about the food, but I also did not have the opportunity to full research other offerings. A+ for having the dedicated GF bookshelf of goodies UPenn!


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