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Jar Bar's Groupon Deal

I have this love hate relationship with Group, LivingSocial, etc and here is why:
A. I purchase the deal and never use it
B. I wanted to purchase the deal, contemplate it too long and then never purchase the dumb thing

This one however, was a must! I'd been to Jar Bar before and LOVED it.

This time, of course I got a juice and then decided I would try something new. To be honest, none of the selections looked great to me. They had a kale salad - that to me - appeared to be just drenched in oil. Then there was a raw burger - which looked sad. It was a burger with a small piece of side lettuce and that's about it. There was a hummus salad and one or two other options - but nothing really appealed to me.

I decided to go with the Nori wraps - although they looked small and not very filling - so I added the only and only dessert option they had - a chocolate avocado pie.

The nori wrap was tasteless - even with the housemade cashew ranch dressing. I was trying to drench all the veggies…

Check Out My Post on Philly Love Notes

I am honored to finally have a post on Philly Love Notes! Philly is such an amazing place to live and offers us gluten free / vegetarian / vegan folks a lot of options!

When being gluten free is AWESOME - Eden a Vegan Cafe, Scranton, PA

A couple of weekends ago, I attended an all day concert event with my sister and a couple of friends. This event, held in the Scranton area, was to include a farmers market and a number of food vendors. Not being allowed to leave once you entered the event - nor being allowed to bring food in from the outside, I was pretty confident that the farmers market would provide enough food that I could manage a dinner.

Upon arrival, I noticed the What the Fork Food Truck. Thinking Philly and all the awesome food trucks that offer gluten free options, I ran over to What the Fork and asked if they could accommodate gluten free guests.  Surprise! They actually have a dedicated fryer. Now, fried food and meats are not my first pick - in fact, I try and steer clear of these choices, but when in a bind, a girl has to eat!

Come 6:30 -7:00ish I was getting very hungry. I took one more stroll around the venue to check out my food options. The farmers market was a bust - because there was no actually p…

Gluten Free at SweetGreen, Ardmore PA

While I honestly feel better on a gluten free and vegan diet (ok - mostly vegan diet), it is a struggle to do things on a social level. When the opportunity came up for us at work to have a ladies lunch out, I quickly suggested Sweetgreen. While it was a bit of a drive for us, from what I had previously read about the company, they have awesome credentials.

I was still taking a chance, having never been previously as to what I could expect as far as contamination was concerned. When we arrived at Sweetgreen, the place was jam packed with a line tinkling outside - which is a good sign, no? The place must have some decent food!

When I patiently awaited my turn, I took another look at their menu and my head began to spin with all the possibilities I actually had! It's rare you find a places that has more than 2 or 3 vegan and gluten free entrees.

At the counter, I informed the Sweetgreen team member that I was gluten free. Her response was a positive one. Without any further interacti…

Gluten Free Dinner Under 30 - Part 9

A generous helping of steamed vegetables drenched in a lemon tahini sauce along with a baked sweet potato. 
I cheated and used a frozen bag of plain vegetables and then added a small side salad. While cooking in the microwave may not be ideal - it does the trick when you are in a rush! 

Gluten Free and Vegan is Growing in Popularity

Organic Harvest has supplied us gluten free folks with an organic, not to salty, "hott" sauce with a punch! I've religiously been using this sauce for everything - including sprinkle some on pineapple.

Whole Foods is carrying some convenient frozen precooked quiona.

Happy Hal's has a spicy jalapeno relish that is gluten free.

Sophie's Kitchen is offering those who are both gluten free and vegan some delicious "seafood" options.

Hilary's Eat Well has a line of delicious gluten free and vegan burgers!

Belvoir Farms is divine line of juices. I fell in love with the Elderflower.

Gluten Free and Vegan Sushi

Prior to my gluten free diagnosis about 5 and a half years ago, I was a rather picky eater. I was comfortable with my broiled chicken, pasta, oh and did I mention pasta? I never ventured, nor had a reason to venture out of my comfort zone. My parents where pretty stuck in their ways (pot roast, pasta, and mac and cheese). 
After the diagnosis I was forced to learn to love other foods and I quickly did just that. Sadly, I had never had the opportunity to try sushi and decided I enjoy the seaweed snacks so why not go all out and try making some vegan and gluten free sushi rolls. 
I simply added some almond butter, mango, and marinated veggies = HEAVEN!

Wegmans Gluten Free Sushi

In a recent trip to Wegmans, I noticed the gluten free soy sauce next to their pre-made sushi.  I got curious and emailed the company to find out if they had changed their sushi ingredients to now be gluten free. Below was my response:

"We will never be able to call any of our sushi Gluten Free as it is prepared in an open area. We currently have rolled out to the stores a Gluten Free Soy Sauce that will replace the current soy sauce packet in the packages. Once this happens, many of our sushi rolls will be gluten free by ingredient. 

The reason we have to call out the wheat on the packages of sushi which would normally be No Gluten Ingredients is that there is residue on the outside of the packets that may contain gluten (these come in a big case and one of the packets could break open and leak all over the case.)

By May 1st we will be switched over to the new packet when the older inventory runs out. In the meantime, you can have any of those rolls that are gluten free by ingredi…

Wheatgrass Juice

Work has started their annual "On the Move" competition. Which is basically a great reminder that we all get wrapped into our work and forget about out health.

The whole point of the competition is not for employees to necessarily make large changes - but simple things like staring your day thirty minutes earlier so that you can get in a invigorating three thousand steps before the work day begins. Or taking the stairs instead of the elevator.

I've taken the leadership role for my team and I have decided to take pride in it. I'm really starting to enjoy starting my day with a wheatgrass juice, thirty minutes of walking and just in general moving around more. I'm sure the spring sunshine has something to do with that ;).

I challenge you all to take small steps towards a healthier you.