Gluten Free at SweetGreen, Ardmore PA

While I honestly feel better on a gluten free and vegan diet (ok - mostly vegan diet), it is a struggle to do things on a social level. When the opportunity came up for us at work to have a ladies lunch out, I quickly suggested Sweetgreen. While it was a bit of a drive for us, from what I had previously read about the company, they have awesome credentials.

I was still taking a chance, having never been previously as to what I could expect as far as contamination was concerned. When we arrived at Sweetgreen, the place was jam packed with a line tinkling outside - which is a good sign, no? The place must have some decent food!

When I patiently awaited my turn, I took another look at their menu and my head began to spin with all the possibilities I actually had! It's rare you find a places that has more than 2 or 3 vegan and gluten free entrees.

At the counter, I informed the Sweetgreen team member that I was gluten free. Her response was a positive one. Without any further interaction she quickly paused - cleaned the counter, changed her gloves and off we where! When I asked questions about ingredients and if they were gf safe, she was kind enough to always stop and verify that each and every item was in fact gluten free and was surrounded by other gluten free options.

Of course I took the challenge and created my own salad! While the price was a little hefty - the taste was amazing!

Dear Sweetgreen, while to you, this may be a day-to-day norm - I am truly grateful that you have the ability to offer such fresh ingredients and empower your employees to handle the multiple food allergies / lifestyle choices of their customers. I will be sure to stop back in!


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