Jar Bar's Groupon Deal

I have this love hate relationship with Group, LivingSocial, etc and here is why:
A. I purchase the deal and never use it
B. I wanted to purchase the deal, contemplate it too long and then never purchase the dumb thing

This one however, was a must! I'd been to Jar Bar before and LOVED it.

This time, of course I got a juice and then decided I would try something new. To be honest, none of the selections looked great to me. They had a kale salad - that to me - appeared to be just drenched in oil. Then there was a raw burger - which looked sad. It was a burger with a small piece of side lettuce and that's about it. There was a hummus salad and one or two other options - but nothing really appealed to me.

I decided to go with the Nori wraps - although they looked small and not very filling - so I added the only and only dessert option they had - a chocolate avocado pie.

The nori wrap was tasteless - even with the housemade cashew ranch dressing. I was trying to drench all the veggies in the dressing for hopes of some flavor. Also, a big disappointment here is that everything is premade so the nori wrap was mushy and messy - and again, lost it's flavor.

I think moved onto the dessert portion of my dinner. This was good - but very very sweet. Too sweet for me. At least it was more filling than my nori wraps.

So in conclusion, I love Jar Bar and their juices but their food is overpriced for the portions and to be honest - not my first choice of food.


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