When being gluten free is AWESOME - Eden a Vegan Cafe, Scranton, PA

A couple of weekends ago, I attended an all day concert event with my sister and a couple of friends. This event, held in the Scranton area, was to include a farmers market and a number of food vendors. Not being allowed to leave once you entered the event - nor being allowed to bring food in from the outside, I was pretty confident that the farmers market would provide enough food that I could manage a dinner.

Upon arrival, I noticed the What the Fork Food Truck. Thinking Philly and all the awesome food trucks that offer gluten free options, I ran over to What the Fork and asked if they could accommodate gluten free guests.  Surprise! They actually have a dedicated fryer. Now, fried food and meats are not my first pick - in fact, I try and steer clear of these choices, but when in a bind, a girl has to eat!

Come 6:30 -7:00ish I was getting very hungry. I took one more stroll around the venue to check out my food options. The farmers market was a bust - because there was no actually produce and What the Fork food truck had decided to leave early on the count of the miserable weather! AH! What is a girl to do now? I decided, the only thing I could do was leave and find something close by to eat.

How was this fair, because I am a medically diagnosed gluten free freak I am unable to attend the entire event - it was really only just getting started. I decided I would remedy this somehow. I spoke with the gate keepers once more and they firmly said, when you leave - your done. No reentry. I then spoke with the manager, much more accommodating - I can leave grab food and bring it back in! Finally a win! Now, what the heck is there to eat gluten free in Scranton, PA let alone gluten free and vegan. Then I remembered, I had been to Eden a Vegan Cafe sometime ago and enjoyed it. Let's see what they can do for me.

I ran (literally) to my car, made a quick call to Eden and got their voicemail. Oh no!!! This can't be happening. I can't think of anywhere else I can eat. Let me try again. I dialed 3 more times before I got someone on the phone and once I did, heaven!

I informed the the waitress that I needed to order something gluten free and preferably something warm, as I had been standing in the rain all day and was officially chilled to the bone.

No problem, how do you feel about one of our hot sandwiches? Ham and cheese seem to be our popular today. Would you like any condiments, what side would you like? All of these questions where music to my ears!

Lucky me, I found a parking spot right up front - jetted in - grabbed my food and ran (again, literally) back to the venue where I was finally able to enjoy some delicious and what felt like, life saving food!
 Once again, this establishment will never fully comprehend just how awesome they are! It's amazing to have gluten free and vegan options available when you need them!

When you live a GF VF lifestyle it's still a challenge to find food that fits the bill 100%.

P.S Eden's bathroom are by far - the most interesting bathroom I've ever seen! It's decorated in vegan friendly bumper stickers!


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