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Get Your Tickets to the Gluten Free Expo in NJ

If you have not yet purchased your tickets to the largest GF Expo, held on September 7-8th in Secaucus, NJ - head on over to the official GF Expo site and get them while you can.

General admission is 20.00 per day or you can purchase a 30.00 two day pass.

This will personally be my first ever GF event and I am pumped! I am looking forward to discovering some more GF, Vegan, Mushroom, and Corn free options and maybe have the opportunity to plug into some networking! ;)

This years GF Expo has a very promising lineup of presenters, including a number of gluten free baking experts!

If presenters are not your thing, be sure to check out the variety of vendors participating this year. The vendor line up includes:
New Planet Gluten Free Beer
Holy Crap
i heart Keenwah
Raw Revolution
Sevierly Good GF
Sip Organic Juice Bar
Well Amy
Young Living - Essential Oils

Lastly, along with a number of presenters and vendor you might want to participate in a class or two... I am looking forward to particip…

Getting My Juice On

It's a nice summer day here in Philadelphia, so I figured I would treat myself to a juice from Jar Bar.

I tired to pH Power and I have to say - it was, well a bit on the sweet side for me. I'm not sure where I was getting the sweetness from - ingredients list celery, cucumber, lemon, parsley, and spinach. Still it was good and refreshing - just sweet.

Raw Can Roll, Wayne PA

Last week I schedule a lunch meeting for work and I have to say, I typically dread these lunch meetings, because it can be hard to find an accommodating gluten free and vegan dish. 
Lucky for me, my lunch date is vegan, so the two of us can be "picky" together. I had told her about Raw Can Roll during a prior meeting, so we decided to give it a try. 
We arrived at the cafe and was immediately greeted by their new marketing rep. She was fabulous - very patient and informative!
Since my colleague was a Raw Can Roll vegan they offered a sample plate for us to try a little bit of everything before ordering.  The sample plate, in my opinion, was very generous! We tried the fresh made guacamole, the chickpea-less hummus, the "chicken" salad, the mango salsa, and the "taco meat". 
The majority of their dishes are made from sunflower seeds - which I love, because most raw food dishes call for cashews - which are hard to digest and one the higher contaminated "…

Fresh - Toronto Canada is Gluten Free Friendly

I'm told Fresh started as a juice bar and then expanded into the food world once they had gained enough of a fan base. Sadly on this short trip, I did not have the opportunity to try any of Fresh's juices / smoothies but I must say that at 2:00pm on a Friday afternoon, they where jammed packed.

" Go where the locals go - if the place is packed, most likely the food is amazing". 

Thanks to we where lead to Fresh for a late lunch while enjoying our tour in Toronto.I was hesitant at first when I found out this was a "chain" restaurant - but reluctantly agreed to try it out.

I just tend to hear the word "chain" and think fat, American's waist lines expanding, etc. - but Fresh is none of the above. It's a hip environment that the locals boost about. They do have a dedicated gluten free menu, but are sure to mention that while the ingredients are 100% gluten free- because they do make non-gluten free items in their kitchen, t…

Kensington Cornerstone, Canada Trip Continued

I just have to say, doing your research will pay off! Prior to heading to Canada I was able to do a very quick search - (also available as an app) and google are my favorite tools! 
I found Kensington Cornerstone on and then did a quick search on google for reviews. I mean, just because it offers gluten free does not mean the food is any good or that the food is not contaminated. Better safe than sorry. 
The most exciting part about Kensington Cornerstone is that they are 100% gluten free and they have a pretty vast menu. While they receive more credit for their brunch - most likely because it's hard to find gluten free french toast and pancakes anywhere! - we had the opportunity to visit for dinner. 
Not knowing anything about the Kensington area, we quickly learned that it is heavily populated during the day hours and then everything seems to die down after 5pm. Which put us as pretty much Kensington Cornerstone's only dinner quests -…

Canada is Gluten Free Friendly

Anytime I travel I get nervous that I will end up starving to death or worse yet, end up eating something contaminated with gluten - which then takes a good week or two to recover from.

To try and avoid some of the anxiety I always do my research - are there designated gluten free restaurants close to my destination? Is there an opportunity for me to bring my own food (fridge space)? Are there health food stores in a close proximity? All these questions and more run through my head each and every time I travel. You can see why traveling can be stressful for some, especially those of us with food allergies.

My trip to Canada was a short notice trip and to be honest, I really did not have a ton of time to research my food options. I did a quick google search and I appeared to be alright - plus my aunt reassured me that she had a gluten free store very close to her. I figured, whatever, I should be fine and be able to make something work.

Little did I know how wonderful Canada is when of…

Sip N Glo Juicery

If you have not yet been to Philadelphia's newest juice bar - head on over to Sip N Glo and support our latest healthy food / drink joint in Philadelphia!  
Sip N Glo is still moving through some growing pains - wait time can be a bit long and the menu is still a bit limited - but the owner insurances us that more is to come as Sip N Glo continues to develop!

I'm hopeful for some beets and more vegan options!

In the meantime, the green beast was a great re-hydration for a hot summer day -- not that we have seen many of those nice weather days in Philly this spring / summer.

Anyhow, check Sip N Glo out, support our local shops!

Best of luck to Sip N Glo as they continue to grow and become a great success! 

GFAF Expo Bloggers!

I've been accepted to participate as a blogger for the New Jersey GFAF Expo Event - and what an honor it is!!

If you have not gotten your tickets yet, hurry up! I hope to see you soon!

Cheu Noodle Bar Can Accommodate Gluten Free

I just wanted to share that the new Cheu Noodle Bar on S. 10th street is able to accommodate us gluten free folks.

According to the restaurant, they have a rice noodle option, all their broths are gluten free as well as their soy sauce!

P.S kimchi is also gluten free!!

Aksum Cafe, Offers Gluten Free in West Philly

Brunch use to be one of my favorite meals - my favorite dish of course being poached eggs dripping over a spicy sweet potato hash - YUM! I get hungry just thinking about it.

Now that I have given up eggs, eating brunch out is typically damn near impossible!

That's is, unless you can find a restaurant that can provide more than just sliced fruit to their gluten free and vegan clientele - well, Aksum, can do just that!

My sister lives in West Philly and I have passed Aksum a number of times, including during Dollar Stroll Days, but I was never brave enough to see if they would be able to accommodated my diet - but I had guests in from out of town so I figured why not try it.

Upon arrival, I asked the waitress if she would be able to review the menu and confirm what is and what could be gluten free. She kindly agreed to - but when she brought the menu over, there was no need for her to review as they already have their menu coded out (Vegetarian, Vegetarian Option, Gluten free, Glute…