Aksum Cafe, Offers Gluten Free in West Philly

Brunch use to be one of my favorite meals - my favorite dish of course being poached eggs dripping over a spicy sweet potato hash - YUM! I get hungry just thinking about it.

Now that I have given up eggs, eating brunch out is typically damn near impossible!

That's is, unless you can find a restaurant that can provide more than just sliced fruit to their gluten free and vegan clientele - well, Aksum, can do just that!

My sister lives in West Philly and I have passed Aksum a number of times, including during Dollar Stroll Days, but I was never brave enough to see if they would be able to accommodated my diet - but I had guests in from out of town so I figured why not try it.

Upon arrival, I asked the waitress if she would be able to review the menu and confirm what is and what could be gluten free. She kindly agreed to - but when she brought the menu over, there was no need for her to review as they already have their menu coded out (Vegetarian, Vegetarian Option, Gluten free, Gluten Free Option, etc).

My guest and I decided to share an appetizer. I was a bit selfish and pretty much demanded we try the Med East Platter (it was calling my name). The platter consisted of stuffed grape leaves, house-made hummus, and a mustard lentil salad. 

We had to almost fight over the last grape leaf - they were so delicious! They were full of flavor without all the typical loaded oils! The hummus was enjoyable (what hummus isn't?) and the mustard lentil salad was interesting. I think it was the least of my favorites but still good. I would have enjoyed it even more if I LOVED mustard - but none the less, still delicious. 

For our main dishes we went back and forth on what to order, because everything sounded amazing and the plates that others ordered around us made us envious. 

My guest decided to go with one of her true brunch passions - Creme Brulee French Toast. 

I choose to go with the Spicy Foul Muddammas (without the egg) - my dish option turned out to be a popular choice at our table. 

This dish has officially put Aksum on my top 5 favorites of Philadelphia! It was filling (almost too filling), spicy, sassy, bold, creamy, crunchy (thanks to the side of breakfast potatoes) and honestly a dish from heaven! I finished the entire serving and found myself upset later that night when I didn't have leftovers to enjoy for dinner. 

I rate Aksum an A+ on gluten free and vegan choices and an A+ on taste. Next time, I need to stop in for dinner!


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