Canada is Gluten Free Friendly

Anytime I travel I get nervous that I will end up starving to death or worse yet, end up eating something contaminated with gluten - which then takes a good week or two to recover from.

To try and avoid some of the anxiety I always do my research - are there designated gluten free restaurants close to my destination? Is there an opportunity for me to bring my own food (fridge space)? Are there health food stores in a close proximity? All these questions and more run through my head each and every time I travel. You can see why traveling can be stressful for some, especially those of us with food allergies.

My trip to Canada was a short notice trip and to be honest, I really did not have a ton of time to research my food options. I did a quick google search and I appeared to be alright - plus my aunt reassured me that she had a gluten free store very close to her. I figured, whatever, I should be fine and be able to make something work.

Little did I know how wonderful Canada is when offering vegan and gluten free options. There was only a time or two that there was not a dedicated gluten free menu and very limited selections for me. However, I used my survival skills and asked the kitchen to make me my go to staple - a salad with some avocado and all the veggies they had! Honestly, this is my go to for whenever I end up in a bind. I simply ask the kitchen to take a bed of greens, add any and all the vegetables they have and look for some form of protein (hopeful for vegan options) - lastly, I ask for no dressing but rather lemon slices on the side. It does the trick and holds me over until I can find additional food else where.

I must say, I truly enjoyed my stay in Canada. Canada is clean, welcoming, and trendy! 

I even got my first bike ride in! 

Adding to this post - TheKitchn has a great article about traveling with dietary restrictions


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