Fresh - Toronto Canada is Gluten Free Friendly

I'm told Fresh started as a juice bar and then expanded into the food world once they had gained enough of a fan base. Sadly on this short trip, I did not have the opportunity to try any of Fresh's juices / smoothies but I must say that at 2:00pm on a Friday afternoon, they where jammed packed.

" Go where the locals go - if the place is packed, most likely the food is amazing". 

Thanks to we where lead to Fresh for a late lunch while enjoying our tour in Toronto.I was hesitant at first when I found out this was a "chain" restaurant - but reluctantly agreed to try it out.

I just tend to hear the word "chain" and think fat, American's waist lines expanding, etc. - but Fresh is none of the above. It's a hip environment that the locals boost about. They do have a dedicated gluten free menu, but are sure to mention that while the ingredients are 100% gluten free- because they do make non-gluten free items in their kitchen, there is a possibility of contamination - I had no issues with cross contamination in my plate - SCORE!

There was actually a good bit of gluten free options and with much debate, I decided to go with the green goddess bowl. The bowl had all of my favorites - steamed kale, broccoli, grilled tempeh, pickled ginger (AMAZING), toasted sunflower seeds, tahini sauce, toasted nori (we all know I am addicted), and a ginger tamari sauce!

The portion size was, well, an abundance and well warranted after a long day of hiking through Toronto. 

The greens where steamed perfectly - still holding on to a little bit of their crunch. Both the sunflower seeds and the nori add a little jazz and saltiness to the salad and the tahini add an element of creaminess to the overall dish. I chowed down the entire portion- while my guests only made it half way through theirs. I just couldn't help it, all the flavors came together so perfectly and that creaminess that coated the rice - made it impossible to stop eating even when my head gave off that YOU ARE FULL alert! 

After all of our eating in Toronto, we unanimously voted Fresh as our favorite meal of the trip! 

I have been craving this dish since we returned to the States - too bad they have not yet trickled down to Philadelphia ;) Hint Hint! 


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