Kensington Cornerstone, Canada Trip Continued

I just have to say, doing your research will pay off! Prior to heading to Canada I was able to do a very quick search - (also available as an app) and google are my favorite tools! 

I found Kensington Cornerstone on and then did a quick search on google for reviews. I mean, just because it offers gluten free does not mean the food is any good or that the food is not contaminated. Better safe than sorry. 

The most exciting part about Kensington Cornerstone is that they are 100% gluten free and they have a pretty vast menu. While they receive more credit for their brunch - most likely because it's hard to find gluten free french toast and pancakes anywhere! - we had the opportunity to visit for dinner. 

Not knowing anything about the Kensington area, we quickly learned that it is heavily populated during the day hours and then everything seems to die down after 5pm. Which put us as pretty much Kensington Cornerstone's only dinner quests - which we loved, made for a nice relaxing dinner with the family! 

I was nervous - my family was being so kind even venturing out to a 100% gluten free restaurant - would they like the food?

We started with the Decadence Platter - which consisted of stuffed olives, Sardo cheese, almonds, sun-dried tomato and olive toast, grilled vegetables, sliced pears, and dates. 
The family dove right in and enjoyed every bit of the platter! 

For the entrees, I was struggling between the two vegan options (the stuffed pepper and the saffron rice). Thanks to the family's vote - I went with the saffron rice. According to their reviews, the stuffed pepper is a must - but there was something about that cold weather Canadian day that had drawn me to the saffron rice. 

The rice was delicious - but it was a bit too sweet for me. The dish was missing that hot spice that I was looking for - maybe it needed some garlic and a jalapeno - but still very tasty.  
I also ordered a pot of rooibos cocoa tea - which was the perfect accompaniment to a cold dreary day. 

My sister tried the pulled pork sandwich and loved it! I was sure to ask her what she thought of the gluten free bread. I have been eating it for so long, but I remember it being nothing like the gluten filled bread that she is used to and loves! Mia said she loved it! It was different, but still went well with the sandwich. 

The fish and chips was another loved dish! Everyone commented on how their was a nice ratio to batter and fish! The batter had good flavor to it! 

The coleslaw was another win and the waitress was kind enough to share the secret ingredients with us. It's simply: red cabbage, carrots, dill, garlic, and red wine vinegar. 

Kensington Cornerstone even offers some great gluten free dessert options! We tried the gluten free fudge brownie - yum! 

If I end up back in Canada, this will be a place I surely return to!


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