Raw Can Roll, Wayne PA

Last week I schedule a lunch meeting for work and I have to say, I typically dread these lunch meetings, because it can be hard to find an accommodating gluten free and vegan dish. 

Lucky for me, my lunch date is vegan, so the two of us can be "picky" together. I had told her about Raw Can Roll during a prior meeting, so we decided to give it a try. 

We arrived at the cafe and was immediately greeted by their new marketing rep. She was fabulous - very patient and informative!

Since my colleague was a Raw Can Roll vegan they offered a sample plate for us to try a little bit of everything before ordering. 
The sample plate, in my opinion, was very generous! We tried the fresh made guacamole, the chickpea-less hummus, the "chicken" salad, the mango salsa, and the "taco meat". 

The majority of their dishes are made from sunflower seeds - which I love, because most raw food dishes call for cashews - which are hard to digest and one the higher contaminated "nuts". 

Everything on the sample plate was delicious which made it even harder for us to select our meals. We finally decided to go with the Sampler Plate and the special of the day, chili taco salad. 

The sampler plate came with the hummus and dried crackers, a spring roll (dipping sauce included), raw pasta (we choice the blush sauce), tabouli, and a side salad (we selected the ranch dressing). 

On the sampler plate our favorite where the ranch dressing and the hummus, although the blush sauce was pretty amazing as well. 

The dried crackers where a bit too salty for our liking - but that was the only negative of the plate. 

The chili special was amazing! The flavor of this dish exceeded all expectations and was our favorite of all. The base of the dish was raw vegetables in a nice chili sauce. On top of that was the "taco meat" all served with a huge salad (we went with the creamy tahini dressing) and a side of the creamy jicama dill salad or the "potato salad".

Of the entire lunch we enjoyed the chili salad, the ranch dressing, and the jicama salad the most. 

The only disappointing part of our lunch is that the cafe is rather small and the noise level makes it difficult to have a meeting. It was a gorgeous day out - so it would have been perfect if they had some out door seating. 


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