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The Blue Shutters, Elmhurst, PA Offers Gluten Free

In celebration of my grandparent's 60th wedding anniversary, we decided to host a lunch for all their family and friends - which meant this event would have to be held in the Moscow, PA area, not really known for their up-and-coming restaurants or  gluten free offerings. To be fair, there are a number of local pizza joints that claim to offering gluten free crust - I'm not sure that they avoid the cross-contamination though.

My mother and her sisters settled on The Blue Shutters Restaurant and assigned me the responsibility of working with the chef to create the menu. I took this as an opportunity to discuss the possibility of an entire buffet of gluten free choices. I grilled Chef Guy left and right , up and down, however you want to phrase it - I was questioning him on his gluten free knowledge, was he aware of the contamination issues, etc. Chef Guy insisted he was well educated and that he could successfully pull off a gluten free menu.

On a limited budget Guy worked with us…

Gluten Free Summer Lunch

There are plenty of days, especially Mondays that I just have little to no motivation to pack up all of my food to lug into work. Today was no exception - I really just wanted to lay in bed for a bit longer and enjoy a peaceful walk or maybe even get a hike in - but the real world was calling my name and this was evident when my alarm went off for the fourth time.

So I ,mustard up enough energy to crawl out of bed and get my day started - I completely missed out on the walk, but hey - we can't all be super heroes everyday ;).

I scrambled to get ready and when it came time to look into my overly stuffed fridge - I just felt like calling it a day (already at 6:30am). I stepped back, took a moment to myself and plunged into the fridge of no return. Legit, I was home visiting my family this weekend and my dad's garden is prosperous as well as the local farmers markets are in full swing. I have my fridge stuffed with, kale, beets, swiss chard, cherries, peaches, tomatoes, cilantro,…

Need a morning boost!

After a long weekend away - I need a boost to get moving this morning! Mondays are rough!

I stopped in at Jar bar and grabbed the Go Go Bunny and Go Lean. I surprisingly enjoyed the Go Go Bunny (Carrots and ginger) way more than I thought I would - and as the menu says, it really does add a little pep to your step. 
Happy Monday all! 

Quick Traveling GF Vegan Meals

People always ask, "what do you pack when traveling?" This is a hard question, because I do not have a go to travelling menu - but rather I pack whatever I have laying around and I take into consideration my destination (while there be access to a fridge, likely contamination, etc). 
This trip I had some limited fridge space - so I packed some veggies, vegan tomato and seed sauce, and whatever else I had around the house. 
Best advice I can give, pack simple, but always come prepared. It's never fun to be stuck somewhere with no access to gluten free foods! One could even precook some quinoa, rice, millet, buckwheat, or mashed sweet potato and add some fresh veggies with an almond butter sauce. The possibilities are endless! 

Pennsylvania 6, Philadelphia PA

This post is long over due and for no better excuse other than I have just been extremely busy and wanted to be able to take my time on this post - as I truly appreciated and enjoyed my experience at Pennsylvania 6.

Pennsylvania 6 migrated it's way into the Philadelphia restaurant scene around late April / early May of this year. During Pennsylvania 6's opening week they welcomed Hendricks Gin to to host a free cocktail 101 to a limited number of guests.

My sister and I of course needed to attend and decided we would grab dinner prior. I took a look at the menu before hand and was a little nervous but knew if I couldn't find something GF safe, I would be able to find something in the area that would be able to accommodate.

When we first arrived, I quickly noted to our waitress that I was gluten free - and I have to admit, I was a bit caught off guard that she was able to respond quickly and in a well educated manner - clearly she knew what she was talking about, but asked …