Gluten Free Summer Lunch

There are plenty of days, especially Mondays that I just have little to no motivation to pack up all of my food to lug into work. Today was no exception - I really just wanted to lay in bed for a bit longer and enjoy a peaceful walk or maybe even get a hike in - but the real world was calling my name and this was evident when my alarm went off for the fourth time.

So I ,mustard up enough energy to crawl out of bed and get my day started - I completely missed out on the walk, but hey - we can't all be super heroes everyday ;).

I scrambled to get ready and when it came time to look into my overly stuffed fridge - I just felt like calling it a day (already at 6:30am). I stepped back, took a moment to myself and plunged into the fridge of no return. Legit, I was home visiting my family this weekend and my dad's garden is prosperous as well as the local farmers markets are in full swing. I have my fridge stuffed with, kale, beets, swiss chard, cherries, peaches, tomatoes, cilantro, mint, ginger, lemons, limes, mangoes, and so much more. My poor roommate came home and was a bit overwhelmed / had difficulty finding the milk.

Anyhow, enough of my rambling. I managed to create a pretty awesome lunch in no time.

Some steamed vegetables, vegetable sushi (served with HOT salsa), and a pasta dish with dulse flakes. I don't know if I mentioned this yet or not, but I am becoming addicted to seaweed!


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