Pennsylvania 6, Philadelphia PA

This post is long over due and for no better excuse other than I have just been extremely busy and wanted to be able to take my time on this post - as I truly appreciated and enjoyed my experience at Pennsylvania 6.

Pennsylvania 6 migrated it's way into the Philadelphia restaurant scene around late April / early May of this year. During Pennsylvania 6's opening week they welcomed Hendricks Gin to to host a free cocktail 101 to a limited number of guests.

My sister and I of course needed to attend and decided we would grab dinner prior. I took a look at the menu before hand and was a little nervous but knew if I couldn't find something GF safe, I would be able to find something in the area that would be able to accommodate.

When we first arrived, I quickly noted to our waitress that I was gluten free - and I have to admit, I was a bit caught off guard that she was able to respond quickly and in a well educated manner - clearly she knew what she was talking about, but asked if it would be alright if she just double checked with the chef.

When she returned, I was given a rather extensive list of options that I could choose.

We decided to start with the Charred Octopus which is served with their baby potatoes, black olive vinaigrette
, and a touch of lemon.

Our initial thought - was on how fabulous the dish looked - their plating matches their upscale almost gangster style.

I felt like any moment now and an old school Italian gangster would approach me with a cigar in his mouth, a hat on his head, and a pocket watch in hand.

The taste of this dish was out of this world. They managed to capture harmony in their ingredients and cook everything to perfection.

For my main dish, I went with the scallops. Served with baby potatoes, Benton's bacon, shaved asparagus salad, and a quail egg this dish was almost perfect. My only complaint is that it was a tad too salty for me - to be fair, I believe the salty-ness was because I don't typically eat meat so the bacon was the culprit here.

The scallops, which, more times than not, are overcooked in restaurants, were one of the better scallops I have had.  Congratulations to the chef!

After dinner, we headed upstairs for our Cocktail 101 class!

My sister and I attended the Hendricks Gin event this past October and have yet to stop talking about it - so we were intrigued to see how this event would compare.

This time around, we were seated at our tables and together we created a series of cocktails, but only after we learned some history on gin.

This event was just as wonderful as the last, and we look forward to future events!


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