The Blue Shutters, Elmhurst, PA Offers Gluten Free

In celebration of my grandparent's 60th wedding anniversary, we decided to host a lunch for all their family and friends - which meant this event would have to be held in the Moscow, PA area, not really known for their up-and-coming restaurants or  gluten free offerings. To be fair, there are a number of local pizza joints that claim to offering gluten free crust - I'm not sure that they avoid the cross-contamination though.

My mother and her sisters settled on The Blue Shutters Restaurant and assigned me the responsibility of working with the chef to create the menu. I took this as an opportunity to discuss the possibility of an entire buffet of gluten free choices. I grilled Chef Guy left and right , up and down, however you want to phrase it - I was questioning him on his gluten free knowledge, was he aware of the contamination issues, etc. Chef Guy insisted he was well educated and that he could successfully pull off a gluten free menu.

On a limited budget Guy worked with us and created an amazing buffet. We started with a beautifully arranged salad with a house vinaigrette that everyone couldn't stop raving about! Our protein choices where an organic chicken breast with sauteed spinach in a natural jus or maui maui with a mango salsa. The chicken seemed to be the winner of the two - I personally only tried the maui maui and thought it was a little on the dry side... slightly disappointed but everyone else appeared to be enjoying it. Our sides included baby fingerling potatoes, which we ran out of, and steamed mixed vegetables.

The decor was lovely and service was professional and friendly. While I am sure my grandparents would have loved the celebration even if it was held in a coal mine, they had a wonderful time and enjoyed the food and company! Chef Guy and his team did a wonderful job! I look forward to returning to the restaurant in my future visits to Moscow, PA!


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