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Arnold's Way, Lansdale PA

When I first moved to the Philadelphia area and began investigating in raw food restaurant options, Arnold's way was my first discovery - but for one reason or another, I just never made it out to Lansdale to check it out for myself. Which really, this is no an excuse because I have family that lives maybe 10 minutes away - such is life, you just get too busy and excuses become easier and easier.

Despite my work and personal schedule getting even more chaotic recently, I have decided to start making small moments for myself and since I was in Lansdale, supporting my little cousins at their football game this weekend - I was literally 10 minutes away from Arnold's Way and was in need of some lunch.

Arnold's Way, located within a corporate complex right off the main street in Lansdale, PA. Parking really wasn't too bad for being a main street, but then again, I was arriving at an off-time. Not knowing what to expect - I mean, I have eaten at raw food places before, but y…

Recap on the GFAF EXPO, Secaucus, NJ

Best T-Shirt Award: This one goes to the taste guru! When I spoke with Andrew from taste guru he informed me that these t-shirts were hot-off-the-press!

Best Bread Award: Without a doubt this award goes to Jac's Bakeshop & Bistro. Gluten free bread is typically a product I steer clear from. It tends to be heavy on the calories, dense, tasteless OR too strong of a taste, etc. Jac's, on the other hand, has this amazing Bistro Bread (which sold out before I had the chance to purchase it) that is allergen free! This bread was moist, flavorful, and honestly the best gluten free bread I have ever had! 
Stay tuned, as they will begin selling from their online store in November 2013.
Best Vendor Award: The folks at ZipFizz were definitely a little "zipped". Proof that they drink mix really does provide energy!
Best Packaging Award: While I am not a big beer drinker, Brunehaut Beer provided an adorable bottle.

Thank you to all of the vendors, volunteers, and participants for …

When Traveling Gluten Free becomes almost impossible

We all know that eating gluten free is a challenge in foreign areas, but when that area is the middle of bum frick becomes all that more impossible. 
I tried my best to pack some food options that would not require cooling, heating, very much prep work, etc...I failed. I was not entirely successful. Some of my food spoiled before I could eat it and I found myself craving other items that what I had packed...oh well, beggars can't be choosers. 
On our Labor Day Camping Adventure - ha ha ha camping, that is, if you consider camping putting the tent up in a thunderstorm and then never setting foot near the tent for the remainder of your weekend camping, well than that is what I did. I personally consider it more of an adventure :)  Anyhow, during this camping adventure, I ended up soaking wet and simply wanted a nice warm home cooked meal to make me feel better. After a long and hard search, we accidentally stumbled upon Timeless Destinations who graciously agreed to mak…