Arnold's Way, Lansdale PA

When I first moved to the Philadelphia area and began investigating in raw food restaurant options, Arnold's way was my first discovery - but for one reason or another, I just never made it out to Lansdale to check it out for myself. Which really, this is no an excuse because I have family that lives maybe 10 minutes away - such is life, you just get too busy and excuses become easier and easier.

Despite my work and personal schedule getting even more chaotic recently, I have decided to start making small moments for myself and since I was in Lansdale, supporting my little cousins at their football game this weekend - I was literally 10 minutes away from Arnold's Way and was in need of some lunch.

Arnold's Way, located within a corporate complex right off the main street in Lansdale, PA. Parking really wasn't too bad for being a main street, but then again, I was arriving at an off-time. Not knowing what to expect - I mean, I have eaten at raw food places before, but you can never gauge what exactly you will be getting - are the plates ridiculously small, is everything coated in cashews, etc...

I did what typically works for me - I asked the cook what her personal recommendation would be - her response was the Gorilla Wrap with the toona filling. Which, to be honest - this one was not even on my radar - but hey - what the heck, why not try it? So I ordered that an a plain banana whip.

The boyfriend - not an avid raw food eater, decided to get it a try. What a trooper! He tried the berger salad and a plain banana whip.

Our banana whips came out first. Honestly, they are the same consistency as a regular dairy-filled soft serve - but they come without all stomach cramps, headaches, etc. The banana whip was so good that the boyfriend said, and I quote "I would choose this over regular ice cream anytime."

My meal was delicious and rather filling. I was missing the pickle - because the kitchen was out, but I still enjoyed the green olives and the white sauce was delicious!

The boyfriend's berger was fabulous. The kid ate his entire plate and then said, "It's not often that I walk away full."

In conclusion, Arnold's Way is a great little raw food joint. The staff was friendly. However, it was a bummer that it seemed like they ran out of a number of ingredients and the wait time was so-so...but I suppose if you want fresh food, you need to be patient ;)


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