Recap on the GFAF EXPO, Secaucus, NJ

Best T-Shirt Award:
This one goes to the taste guru! When I spoke with Andrew from taste guru he informed me that these t-shirts were hot-off-the-press!

Best Bread Award:
Without a doubt this award goes to Jac's Bakeshop & Bistro. Gluten free bread is typically a product I steer clear from. It tends to be heavy on the calories, dense, tasteless OR too strong of a taste, etc. Jac's, on the other hand, has this amazing Bistro Bread (which sold out before I had the chance to purchase it) that is allergen free! This bread was moist, flavorful, and honestly the best gluten free bread I have ever had! 

Stay tuned, as they will begin selling from their online store in November 2013.

Best Vendor Award:
The folks at ZipFizz were definitely a little "zipped". Proof that they drink mix really does provide energy!

Best Packaging Award:
While I am not a big beer drinker, Brunehaut Beer provided an adorable bottle.

Thank you to all of the vendors, volunteers, and participants for making this  GFAF Expo such a great success!


  1. Hello Nicole,
    I am trying to develop the worlds best GF pizza crust (and pizza). Would you please call me at (570) 954-5959 and ask for Vince? I'd like your inputs. Enjoyed reading your blog. Thanks for your consideration.


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