Banana Leaf

October is month of birthdays in my family! So my sisters and I claim the month as ours and we celebrate as often as possible!

For my sister's birthday dinner, she selected Banana Leaf.I tried to pre-call and discuss my food allergies, but I could tell it just was not 100% understood. It being my sister's birthday dinner, I decided to just roll with it. When I got there and reviewed the menu some more, I took my time and asked questions - but did not mention that I was gluten free because that seemed to be the confusing factor. I asked questions like, is there soy sauce or fish sauce contained in this meal

I decided I would try the Achat - a pickled vegetable and the Pad Thai. The Achat was way to sweet and not at all what I was expecting.

The Pad Thai was also extremely sweet. Another dinner guest tried drenching the Pad Thai in hot sauce, and still the meal was too sweet. Some seem to enjoy it, but eh - I was not impressed...there was no really flavor just an overly sweet concoction. I kept going back to the pickled vegetable dish in hopes that the little bit of acidity would help calm down the sweetness of the Pad Thai.

I thank Banana Leaf for trying to make an effort - and the curry dish that I stole from another dinner guest was amazing - so next time, I will stick with the vegetable curry dish!


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