The Farmacy Does Gluten Free & Vegan

When invited for a birthday brunch at the Farmacy, I quickly grew nervous that the seasonal brunch menu was not yet posted for October - I felt completely blind.

I decided to contact Farmacy via email. I stated that I would be attending a birthday brunch on Sunday and was hopeful they could accommodate a gluten free vegan. Seriously, within 5-minutes I had a reply stating they should have no problem accommodating and that they would have the October brunch menu published shortly.

What a relief, they appeared so confident. I was actually looking forward to the brunch.

Then, a couple days later, I took a look at their website once more, to see if the brunch menu had yet been posted, and indeed, as they had promised it had been published.The only problem was I did not see a lot of gluten free AND vegan options. I mean, being gluten free and vegan is well, hard, and I can never be too picky. I should accept that they had at least one option.

Now, it's Sunday brunch time and I am running a bit late -- you know, that early morning yoga class is imperative and not to be missed. I walked in the door, into the cramped - yet somehow spacious dinning area and found my group. I took a seat, reviewed the menu once more and then turned my head to a surprise daily special - quinoa salad.
This salad was clearly made for accommodating me, well, at least I am telling myself this. It was vegan, gluten free, seasonal, and calling my name! Without hesitation I ordered the quinoa salad. I also noticed that they offer an appetizer that has pickled vegetables included- so I took a shot in the dark and asked if I could get a side of these pickled vegetables. The waiter replied with, "sure thing".

Our dishes took awhile, and the kitchen clearly struggled with preparing all meals from our large table on the same time frame. Some of us needed to wait for our dish longer than others and some had colder food - but our waiter was very attentative during our waiting period and provided us with numerous water and coffee refills.

When the food came, I quickly reviewed everyone's plates - the plating was nice, clean and modern. The steak from the steak and eggs was prepared just right. The guests ordered medium rare, and the steak came out medium rare, a nice pink color to it and I could see the juice running out. Everyone enjoyed their plates, as a matter of fact, they cleaned their plates! My quinoa was cooked to perfection - not too mushy but not too crunchy either - just right. The dish was a bit on the sweeter side for me, but I truly appreciated having a gluten free and vegan meal at a wonderfully welcoming West Philly restaurant. I am sure I will return again, but maybe this time to check out their dinner menu - because it looks pretty amazing, but than again, how can it not be with the talent their chefs clearly displayed during brunch!?

Thank you Farmacy!



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