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Vientiane Cafe, A Gluten Free Delight

Vientiane Cafe in West Philadelphia is a secret little hiding spot for healthy, gluten free, vegan Lao- Thai cuisine. Seriously - I'm not sure why this place does not get more press. Perhaps, that is part of why the Vientiane Cafe experience was as wonderful as it was, because I knew that I was embarking on a hidden treasure. I felt like I could take claim to it and call it my own.

It was the boyfriend's birthday and I was trying to do something nice, yet low key (he specifically requested low key). My first attempt for dinner was Vietnam Philadelphia. I have walked around this restaurant a million times and the smell was always so alluring, but after a discussion with the staff, I did not feel comfortable enough that I would find something gluten free that was not cross-contaminated. I do appreciate the honestly of the staff and will still continue to encourage those that are not gluten free to visit their location.

 When I first walked into Vientiane, my impression was, it i…

Max Brenner, Not Very Accommodating to those of us with Allergies

This past Saturday night, I was honored to have my little cousin staying with me. I thought long and hard, what can I do that would be fun in the city? I'm looking to impress, right?

A couple of coworkers tossed out some suggestions but I wasn't loving anything, until the suggestion to try Max Brenner came up. I figured, why not? How cool does this place sound, and very kid-friendly!?

Chocolate. Chocolate. More Chocolate.

We had dinner reservations for 6:15pm and our reservations had changed from 5-6 people earlier that day. I of course called in advance to let them know and discuss my allergy-free food options.

The menu did not appear too safe to me and when asking about additional options, the lack of knowledge in cross-contamination freaked me out. I was then given permission to bring a manufacturer-sealed item to be heated in their microwave.

When we arrived at the restaurant  it was over-crowed, loud, and hectic. We were seated late - which is a big pet-peeve of mine - e…

Gluten Free at Corporate Events

Every time I have to attend a corporate lunch or dinner event I cringe. Seriously!

No one knows how frustrating it can be to attend these corporate events when dealing with food allergies.

Not that I am blaming anyone, if you yourself do not have a food allergy, it can be difficult to remember those that do. Which is why, when accommodations are made for us folks with food allergies, we are all that much more appreciative - or at least we should be.

I recently attended a corporate event for the Global Women's Leadership Forum, which was hosted by Ashland. Prior to the event I contacted the event's coordinator so that I could either retrieve permission to bring my own food or make some sort of accommodations for lunch. I typically lean towards just bringing my own food, because I know it is safe and it is not just a plain wilted salad - but I always go along with whatever the sites offer.

In this particular case, Ashland's corporate chef went above and beyond! Lunch was buff…