Max Brenner, Not Very Accommodating to those of us with Allergies

This past Saturday night, I was honored to have my little cousin staying with me. I thought long and hard, what can I do that would be fun in the city? I'm looking to impress, right?

A couple of coworkers tossed out some suggestions but I wasn't loving anything, until the suggestion to try Max Brenner came up. I figured, why not? How cool does this place sound, and very kid-friendly!?

Chocolate. Chocolate. More Chocolate.

We had dinner reservations for 6:15pm and our reservations had changed from 5-6 people earlier that day. I of course called in advance to let them know and discuss my allergy-free food options.

The menu did not appear too safe to me and when asking about additional options, the lack of knowledge in cross-contamination freaked me out. I was then given permission to bring a manufacturer-sealed item to be heated in their microwave.

When we arrived at the restaurant  it was over-crowed, loud, and hectic. We were seated late - which is a big pet-peeve of mine - especially for having reservation.  Then from the get go, the waitress and the current on-staff manager began giving me a bit of grief about heating my food. They wanted to clarify this was for a food allergy and what should they do with this food, could they really prepare it? They took everyone's order and informed me they would come back to heat mine up when their dishes were close to being cooked. Well, they came back alright. They came back when the rest of the table had already received their dishes. Fine. We are a bit slow - but here is the best part, 15-minutes after my guests had completed their meals, mine came out and to make matters even worse, it was still partially frozen.

I understand that having the allergies that I have, I can be a huge pain in the rear - but I did just
bring you 5 paying customers. I would appreciate some respect and courteous that you might be able to provide a glass or water, silverware, and a warmed up meal for me. All of which seemed to be a difficult request. I feel bad, I do - but honestly, with the growth of food allergies, I think Max Brenner should really reevaluate their tactic.

I understand, and I can accept that our waitress apologized, but apology not accepted. This was by far the worst restaurant experience I have ever had and my dinner guests where not impressed themselves. We have all been spreading our disappointed review and will continue to encourage others to select another venue for dinner out in the city.


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