Gluten Free in NYC, LiLi's 57

Ever so often my sisters and I decide we need a trip to NYC. Do we have a particular agenda, not necessarily, but we know it's about darn time we have a visit. We always stay with an Aunt in NJ and then train into the city.

This trip, the twin and I decided we would take the boyfriends in and share the NYC holiday spirit with them. 

I have to admit, I was actually against this visit. The weather channel was calling for a winter weather storm, and after having spent 3 hours for a 30-minute drive on 76 the weekend before, I was really not welcoming another snow and ice storm. However, I was voted out, so the trip was still on. 

We drove up on Friday night and woke up to a beautiful winter wonderland! After layering myself up...legit, I felt like the michelin marshmallow man. It was somewhat difficult to move and my  peripheral vision was definitely affected! I'll be damned if I was going to spend the day freezing cold. 

We walked around all day. We saw the Empire State Building, Times Square, Rockefeller Center, etc and I was so disappointed. Maybe it was the weather, but I just felt like this year's celebrations, or recognition of the holidays, was nothing like it has been in the past. I suppose such is life, no?

After having walked all day I was starving and looking forward to a warm meal. I had made reservations a LiLi's 57 because they appeared to have a decent sized gluten free menu. 

Upon arrival, at first glance, the place is cute. The establishment is nothing fancy but a nice warm seat is very welcomed at this point. 

I asked the waiter for a gluten free menu and I was just so hungry at this point that I didn't even really take the time to read the menu. I just pointed and ordered. 

I guess it was not my day because I was disappointed. I did end up sick from eating here and I did not even enjoy the Thai basil dish. It was marked spicy, but I found no real flavor but sugar.... 

I will not be going back and I do not recommend LiLi's for anyone with a gluten allergy, but my guests who are non-gf seemed to enjoy their meals.


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