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iCreate Cafe, Pottstown, PA

iCreate Cafe is a unique establishment - it really provides a lifestyle to their customers rather than just a product.

The Cafe has a very warm and welcoming attitude. It allows, no, it encourages, it's customers to come and play a part in this space. I would even o as far as to say, iCreate has the potential to provide that home-away-from home for it's customers. Literally, when I initially walked in, it looked more like a studio or someone's living room - with a comforting couch to the left of the fireplace and side tables directly under the front windows.

Ashraf, the owner, the chef, the marketing manager, and so much more - bleeds passion for this space. You can see it in his actions and words that Ashraf lives, eats and breathes this vegan lifestyle and encourages collaboration and knowledge sharing. You can attend iCreate for computer training, cooking classes, documentary movie nights, and so on - check out their facebook page for event updates.

Once you decide on t…

A Snowy Weekend in Philadelphia

The weekend started like this...

By 7:30am on a Saturday, myself, the sisters and the boyfriend found ourselves camped out at the Navy Yard for the first ever BHLDN bridal sample sale. In the back of my mind I'm thinking...this better be worth it, it's's way too early and I'm hungry - well actually I was ok on the food department because the bride-to-be had packed us some adorable snack bags!

As we entered into the bridal sale around 10am, it was a mad house. It was everything you thought it would be. Women stripping down (even after being asked not to), people grabbing and pulling dresses, dresses all over the floor... However, being the family that we are, we quickly devised a plan. We took over an entire garment rack - we packed all of our belongings underneath and asked the boyfriend to man-hold the dresses while the bride-to-be. We left the sale with three wedding dresses. I would say the early rise and long wait was well worth it!

After all the dress hunti…

Gluten Free Holiday Meals

Every holiday is a little difficult for me, I am not only the only gluten free eater in my family, but I am also the only vegan-ish eater. This means I am on my own for holiday meals and I have limited space to make these meals as well as limited time as I am trying to help prepare the rest of the family's meal - which obviously gets the oven and stove top space way before my food would / does.

I find this a challenge that I like to take on. What can I create that is similar to a holiday meal? Can I not use the oven, stove top, or microwave?

This year I came up with a list of ingredients that I wanted to incorporate into my meal and then just started adding things to my bowl.

I spiralized some butternut squash and carrots. I mixed that with a nut butter, honey, tumeric, and chili pepper -oh and of course I added in some garlic, ginger, and lemon too. Then I simply flash steamed some vegetables in the microwave tossed in some cranberries and BOOM there you have it - a delicious and…

Thai Kuu, Authentic Thai in Philadelphia, PA

I have really found a safe-heaven in Thai food for eating out both gluten free and vegan. With that said, when I caught wind that Thai Kuu just opened here in Philadelphia, I immediately reached out to their management to see if they would be able to accommodate a gluten free guest. 
Within no time, I had a response back. While the restaurant is still growing, there are currently one two gluten free options on Thai Kuu's menu. These items include the Pad Thai and the Panang Curry! The restaurant does hope to expand their gluten free offerings as they mature. 
I'm absolutely fine with their two gluten free options and look forward to checking out this new establishment soon!