iCreate Cafe, Pottstown, PA

iCreate Cafe is a unique establishment - it really provides a lifestyle to their customers rather than just a product.

The Cafe has a very warm and welcoming attitude. It allows, no, it encourages, it's customers to come and play a part in this space. I would even o as far as to say, iCreate has the potential to provide that home-away-from home for it's customers. Literally, when I initially walked in, it looked more like a studio or someone's living room - with a comforting couch to the left of the fireplace and side tables directly under the front windows.

Ashraf, the owner, the chef, the marketing manager, and so much more - bleeds passion for this space. You can see it in his actions and words that Ashraf lives, eats and breathes this vegan lifestyle and encourages collaboration and knowledge sharing. You can attend iCreate for computer training, cooking classes, documentary movie nights, and so on - check out their facebook page for event updates.

Once you decide on the meal of choice, you can watch Ashraf create the dish right in front of you. All the ingredients are fresh - from the hand crushed garlic for the tahini sauce to freshly chopping the vegetables for the hummus and baba ghannoj. Did I mention the produce is all bought locally from Daniel's Produce and Dairy? Which Daniel's is unfortunately closed on Sundays - so I did not get the opportunity to check this place out.

It continues to be a constant struggle to find places that can accommodate my vegan and gluten free ways - iCreate Cafe certainly delivered and provided a fresh and flavor meal - one in which I devoured.

As per the recommendation from Ashraf, I went with the Sampler Meal #2. I figured a sampler was the best way to get a little bit of this and a little bit of that - giving me a real feel for Ashraf's skills and style.

I started with the sesame falafel. It was not as dry as I am used to - it held it's shape very well and the accompanies rich tahini sauce added a whole other level to it's flavor palette - which I selfishly asked for more because it was just that good. 

The baba ghannoj was creamy - not as flavorful as I had hoped, it was missing that smokey flavor, but still good enough that I finished it. 

The stuffed grapes leaves - honestly, these have to be my favorite in all of the Philadelphia area! They were tightly rolled and bursting with flavor in each and every bite! I was using the tahini sauce with these as well!

The hummus, a little runny and lacking the strong flavor - I do prefer a roasted red pepper or a roasted garlic variations - but again, this was still delicious enough that I ate it, it was just not my favorite. 

The salad was my favorite of the sampler meal. The ingredients where fresh and prepared on demand. The dressing fore this salad was simple yet very pleasing to the palette. Oddly enough, I have been on this anti-parsley kick, but I LOVED the parsley in this salad - it's really what gave the dish that "umf" factor.

I look forward to visiting iCreate more often and recruiting additional iCreate family members!


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