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Crocodile Catering Accommodating for Gluten Free Vegan

I am a woman. I am a career woman. I am a goal-driven career woman. I want to continue to grow and work my way to the top. I truly believe that with a strong dedication, plenty of hard work, and a good support system, that this goal will one day become reality.

In the meantime, I am networking and learning as much as I possibly can. That's right ladies, I said networking - which should be an ongoing duty in our daily careers. Networking is not only good for ourselves, but for the organization as a whole. Assuming you are representing your company in a professional manner, it is additional publicity for the organization. Not to mention, the connections you make typically become connections available to your organization. Recently, my organization's women's business resource group decided to join the Global Women's Leadership Forum. 
For me, this is so meaningful! The company has chosen to promote women in the workforce and supports additional, outside, resources to Empo…

Making Fermented Vegetables Just Got Easier

I typically ferment my vegetables using miso. However, I ran out and I did not have time to get some more before wanting to make more fermented cabbage. You know the problem, you really want to get this task off of your to-do list but you really do not want to have to run to the store for this single item. I personally, run into the store for a single item, and more often then not come back with a pile of crap I did not need.  In avoidance of the grocery store today, I found one last jar of homemade kimchi in the back of the fridge. I prepared my vegetables as I normally would - cutting them into small pieces and then I dumped all the remaining liquid from the current kimchi into my blender. I added some additional seasonings and water. 
That was it! I dumped that mixture over the vegetables. Let the mixture sit for a good 30 minutes and then stuffed them into their jars, capping them with a couple outer leaves from the cabbage. In 5 days we will see how well or not so well this idea o…

Trying to Heal Through Soup

I have come a long way since my food allergies where diagnosed - but I still struggle with digestion. In an effort to begin to heal, I have decided to focus on a good bit of smoothies and soups.

I get tired of the same-old-same old so I figured I would try and use my basic stock and add whatever I had in the fridge.

Recipe is as follows:
-Fresh grated ginger
-Fresh chopped garlic
-Ground Pepper
-Lemon Thyme
-Brussel Sprouts

I put everything into one pot and let it come to a boil. Once it boiled I reduced the heat to low and let it simmer.

Taproom on 19th Gluten Free & Vegan Availability

Having read an article that the Taproom on 19th would be celebrating every Monday in March with half-off their Taproom Burger - I figured I owed my partner-in-crime from the Vedge outing, a good manly-meal.

I quickly did an internet search for the Taproom on 19th and their burgers looked amazing! The real question, can they accommodate someone that is gluten free and vegan? I saw a couple of vegan options on the menu, but could that be adapted to also meet my gluten free needs?

While Taproom on 19th does not have an actual website, they do have a pretty up to date Facebook page, so I figured, heck, why not try and send a quick FB message?! One of the owners was very quick to respond and was eager to inform me they most definitely could accommodate my needs and that they would be more than willing to create an off-menu item if given an advance 24-hour notice.

It being a burger place, I was a bit skeptical but did request they make a large plate of steamed veggies - thinking how much mo…

Vedge, Philadelphia, PA does Gluten Free

Since my move here to the Philadelphia area, about three years ago, I have literally been dying to try Vedge and what it offers to its gluten free patrons. The problem was finding someone to go with me. My family and friends either heard the word "vegan", "city" or maybe it was the expense, but either way, no one wanted to explore this so-called "gem" with me.

There is really no need to even bother going through the number of awards Vedge has earned. Therefore, skipping over all the halla-bullo, I finally found a partner in crime to at least entertain the menu for the night. 
Upon arrival, the hostess was pre-educated about my gluten allergy and kindly asked if both guests wanted to refrain from gluten or just myself. I was actually caught off-guard, I had never had anyone even consider that I might not be the only one choosing to be gluten free. As we were escorted to our table, the interior of the restaurant appeared to expand right before our eyes. Wha…

Gluten Free & Vegan at Pure Fare, Philadelphia

By now, all of my readers should be well aware that I have a long standing list of places to visit within Philadelphia and even beyond (NYC, New England, California, etc). Pure Fare was one of those locations that has been on my to do list, but I needed A. a reason to be in that area. B. Someone to go with me and C. To be able to find parking.

This past weekend, I found all three criteria. As we entered into the building, I was a bit caught off guard, as I thought this would be more of a sit down restaurant that would allow for me to order what I wanted and not rely on what was left - as we did arrive for a late lunch. Once I got past that quick transition, I realized, this had some great potential - It's late, so I am starving and they offer 50% off anything that is a day old. Which, let's be honest here, does not bother me in the least - I actually prefer to save 50% rather than have the today's entrees.

I was still in shock that absolutely everything within Pure Fare is…