Crocodile Catering Accommodating for Gluten Free Vegan

I am a woman. I am a career woman. I am a goal-driven career woman. I want to continue to grow and work my way to the top. I truly believe that with a strong dedication, plenty of hard work, and a good support system, that this goal will one day become reality.

In the meantime, I am networking and learning as much as I possibly can. That's right ladies, I said networking - which should be an ongoing duty in our daily careers. Networking is not only good for ourselves, but for the organization as a whole. Assuming you are representing your company in a professional manner, it is additional publicity for the organization. Not to mention, the connections you make typically become connections available to your organization. Recently, my organization's women's business resource group decided to join the Global Women's Leadership Forum. 

For me, this is so meaningful! The company has chosen to promote women in the workforce and supports additional, outside, resources to Empower, Engage, and Educate women. 

I have taken a leadership role in our membership / engagement with the Global Women's Leadership Forum. Part of my duties included providing an on-site lunch for the team. Let's be real, I have no idea what "normal" people eat these days. I typically look at my coworkers lunches and want to be sick.
It's greasy.
It's fried. 
It's fat-lathered.

It's nothing that I have interest in. With that being said, having to order for a group of ten, one vegan, and one gluten free vegan (myself), where was I going to order a meal that would deliver and was a reasonable price?

I called around, I actually called around to way too many places and wasted a good bit of my time. Either the catering company was too expensive or they could not accommodate all of our food preferences / allergies. 

I came to my last resort, Crocodile Catering. Our company actually uses Crocodile Catering often, but in review of their rather heavy gluten-filled menu items, I was wearying of their abilities to accommodate. At this point, I figured I would just pack my own lunch and bring it to the meeting, at least the rest of the group would have nice lunch. 

I called Crocodile Catering and legit said, "I used to be great at this.... Actually it was my job, but a few years out and having changed my eating habits, I am at a loss and am unsure what to order and how much". The Crocodile representative, with an almost annoying passion (was not yet sure if it was a true passion or a memorized line) said, "Great! We here at Crocodile Catering are here for you . We will help you plan for the perfect event."

I went into my speech of what time the event was and what is for....blah blah blah. The Crocodile representative started with selections for the food allergies. I was up first, we decided on a salad with fresh vegetables and a house-made Pico De Gallo. Up next was the vegan. Easy fix, we went with the vegan wrap. Now, the hard job, what to get for a long lunch meeting for a group of 10 women? Why not mix both a cold and a warm offering?

Perfect. A sandwich tray, a healthy salad, beverages, chips for those that want the munchies, and the soup of the dail - which was a vegan and gluten free tomato basil soup!!! 

The Crocodile informed me that ingredients were fresh, as local as could be, and seasonal. Most menu items are made in-house, which makes it easier for them to accommodate food allergies and food preferences. The representative I was speaking with, assured me that she would personally make sure my dish would not be cross-contaminated and that it would be a satisfying meal. We left our conversation at that and I crossed my fingers for a successful meeting.

The meeting was in progress as the Crocodile Catering team  professionally setup for our lunch. Once everything was all said and done, we walked over to our lunch station and I could see an adorable bag all bundled up with my name on it and the vegan wrap clearly labeled and to the side. I grabbed a spoonful of soup before anyone else did, on the chance it might become cross-contaminated.

Not really sure what to expect, I opened my bundle. I had my own hand sanitizing wipe, sealed silverware, an apple, a bag of chips, a small fruit salad (aka dessert) and my main salad with the Pico De Gallo. 

First I tried the tomato basil soup. Ah! This couldn't have been on a better day! As I am fighting a nasty sinus infection, so it was soothing to my throat. The taste was full of flavor and clearly freshly made.

I am always amazed at what people can do with fresh vegetables. The plating, for a picnic-style entree was adorable and again, ingredients were clearly fresh and flavorful! The remainder of the group was a bit jealous of my dish. 

The entire group was left satisfied with the food offerings.

Thanks Crocodile! Now I know, moving forward, I too can participate in business lunches! I also know that you really do love your job at Crocodile Catering and that you really can take care of all the hard parts for me!


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