Gluten Free & Vegan at Pure Fare, Philadelphia

By now, all of my readers should be well aware that I have a long standing list of places to visit within Philadelphia and even beyond (NYC, New England, California, etc). Pure Fare was one of those locations that has been on my to do list, but I needed A. a reason to be in that area. B. Someone to go with me and C. To be able to find parking.

This past weekend, I found all three criteria. As we entered into the building, I was a bit caught off guard, as I thought this would be more of a sit down restaurant that would allow for me to order what I wanted and not rely on what was left - as we did arrive for a late lunch. Once I got past that quick transition, I realized, this had some great potential - It's late, so I am starving and they offer 50% off anything that is a day old. Which, let's be honest here, does not bother me in the least - I actually prefer to save 50% rather than have the today's entrees.

I was still in shock that absolutely everything within Pure Fare is gluten free - this includes oatmeal, granola, the sandwiches....oh my - we gf-ers are getting spoiled - but wait, taste and texture matter, so how did Pure Fare rate?

Here is what the group selected:

The Roasted Turkey & Honey Mustard.
- This sandwich was roasted turkey, sharp cheddar, tomato, lettuce, red onion, honey mustard and gluten free bread (quiona if I remember correctly).

While I try not to eat dairy or meat, I did cave-in and take a taste-test. It was definitely fresh, the bread was not dry as I had anticipated. Also, the mustard had a nice spice to it! The turkey was a litle dry for me, but this is probably one reason why I don't eat meat so much anymore. All in all, the eater of the sandwich loved it and said he would return. P.S he is not a gf-er!

The Granola Parfait. After having already sneaked in a taste-test for the turkey sandwich, I decided not to taste-test another non-vegan product. The feedback from the eater, was YUM! It looks delicious and fresh - even though this was one of our 50% off products :)

The Goat Brie + Fig Sandwich
This sandwich was originally stored cold, but our guest requested the staff heat it for her. The staff kindly agreed and put the sandwich on the panini press. I will admit, the wait time from when the request was put in and when the sandwich came out, was a bit longer than anticipated, but it wasn't too bad.

The eater - LOVED this sandwich- again another non-gf-er.

The Zucchini 'Noodle' Salad
This salad is very similar to something I would make at home for myself - so it was nice to eat something of my own regimen, but not have to prepare it. You know, "It is always better when someone else makes it" - well, even though everyone always informs me this is true - it is rare that I can agree!

The zucchini noodles were fresh, the cherry tomatoes where a bit on the skimpy side if you ask me (can you see them in there?). The miso dressing was refreshing. I just wish they would have left out the edamame (trying to cut back on soy products) and the oil in the miso dressing. Other than that, this was a nice healthy lunch for me!

Actually, to be honest, this was one of the first times in a very long time that I was able to eat out and not feel sick or disgusting.

The last thing we tried was the Green Detoxifier
This drink included: Cucumber, Kale, Apple and Juice of One Lemon.

It was definitely refreshing and detoxifying, but the $7.00 price was a bit steep, even for the city!

All in all, I loved this experience and I can't wait to return again! Hopeful for more VEGAN options :)

Also, just a quick plug in, this now adds their sister site, Agno Grill, to my to-do list.


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