Taproom on 19th Gluten Free & Vegan Availability

Having read an article that the Taproom on 19th would be celebrating every Monday in March with half-off their Taproom Burger - I figured I owed my partner-in-crime from the Vedge outing, a good manly-meal.

I quickly did an internet search for the Taproom on 19th and their burgers looked amazing! The real question, can they accommodate someone that is gluten free and vegan? I saw a couple of vegan options on the menu, but could that be adapted to also meet my gluten free needs?

While Taproom on 19th does not have an actual website, they do have a pretty up to date Facebook page, so I figured, heck, why not try and send a quick FB message?! One of the owners was very quick to respond and was eager to inform me they most definitely could accommodate my needs and that they would be more than willing to create an off-menu item if given an advance 24-hour notice.

It being a burger place, I was a bit skeptical but did request they make a large plate of steamed veggies - thinking how much more safe can I get? Steaming vegetables would reduce any risk of cross-contamination.

When we arrived late on a Monday evening, the owner was there. The bartender was aware that I was coming in and that I had a number of food allergies and that they were to make an off-menu veggie platter for me. My guest quickly dove into the menu and selected the cheese curds and the Taproom burger.

The staff was efficient in taking our order and rather quickly returned with the ordered appetizer.

Having never tried cheese curds before, my guest went through these pretty fast! The sauce was the perfect consistency and full of flavor.

This is something to be ordered again! Crispy outside, cheesy inside!

Not too much longer and our main dishes were served.

The burger was ordered with bacon, America cheese, and an egg.

The burger had that nice grilled char on the outside, but was still a medium-rare inside. Again, one of my biggest pet peeves is an overcooked piece of meat. When eating out, a number of establishments choose to purposefully overcook meat, just to weigh on the cautionary side of things. Taproom on 19th - when you order medium rare, it is pretty darn close to medium rare!

My guest typically likes food to be "simple" (few ingredients and not too many flavors all in one dish). However, with this dish, he loved the the complex flavors and various textures between the sauce, the runny egg, and the crunchy bacon.

My steamed vegetables came out looking very enticing! Vegetables were cooked to perfection - still holding their crunch yet warmed all the way through!

Thank you Taproom for going out of your way to create a safe gluten free and vegan option for me.

I must say, now that I have been to the establishment, I can see that you are well educated on food allergies and can accommodate more than just the steamed vegetables. I am looking forward to returning to try the roasted brussel sprout salad!

I have already begun to encourage everyone I know to visit Taproom on 19th. If you can, get there on a Monday in March to take advantage of their half-off burger deal! Or, better yet, their brunch menu looks very appealing!


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