Cozy Thai, State College PA Offers Gluten Free and Vegan Options

This past weekend,  Nick (the boyfriend) and I headed to the middle of the state. While the weather is starting to get a bit more spring-like here in Philadelphia, we dared to head to the cold winter-like, State College, PA.

Good thing we love my little sister - or this trip would have never been worth it! That night, during our 4 hour trek to State College, we could feel the winter weather creeping back in - getting colder and colder every mile we drove.

I was exhausted and ready for bed by the time we got in. I crashed after we made plans to wake up early the next morning and head down town for some exploring.

We started our journey at the Berkey Creamery. I opted to not cheat on the vegan diet - but it did look like the creamery was well aware of a gluten allergy and that they would do their best to accommodate. I just did not find it worth the risk, especially this early on in the trip.

After leaving the creamery, we just walked around downtown - jetting into random stores here and there. Partially to get warm and then partially to just goof off and have fun sightseeing.

All this walking in the wind and rain, worked up an appetite. I began to crave some thick, creamy, curry. Thanks to some great research on my part, I found Cozy Thai Bistro. I found that Cozy Thai was suppose to be able to accommodate gluten free guests rather easily and was top-rated for some of the best, most authentic, Thai in State College, PA.

We arrived at Cozy Thai, just as they were opening. I informed the hostess that I was gluten free and she informed me, no need for a separate menu - as most of the dishes could be modified to be gluten free.

I searched through the menu and after a debate between a noodle dish and curry, I went with the Green Curry and I substituted white rice for some additional steamed vegetables.

We were initially served a house salad with a Thai peanut dressing.

The salad was alright. Nothing special. The salad was clearly a bagged mixed salad and was lacking freshness. The dressing was a bit on the sweet side and the table unanimously did not love it, but we did not hate it either.

The serving was also a bit on the midget size, but maybe that was for the best since we were not loving it.

I selected the Green Curry in hopes for a thick spicy bowl of heaven.

I suppose I should have paid more attention to the fact that this curry dish was made with a light coconut milk - making it a little more watery.

The spiciness was, well, lacking. The dish was bland and not substantial. It was alright, but again, not what I was craving. It left me unsatisfied. Not to mention, my side dish of steamed vegetables was on the skinny-side and almost stone-cold.

In my mind, all I could think was - all these great reviews, did I get the wrong dish or does the food in State College really rate this low on the scale?

Nick of course went with the Pad Thai. Everywhere we go, Nick orders his Pad Thai, comparing them as we go along!

By the looks of the dish, I could already tell you this was not going to be one of Nick's favorite Pad Thai dishes. It was lacking the water chestnuts and it was skim on the crushed peanuts. The look of the dish just did not scream PAD THAI!

Obviously, since I did not eat the dish, I can't critique it, but Nick did say the dish was good. This was not one of his favorite Pad Thai dishes, but he would eat it again and we do appreciate Cozy Thai offering so many gluten free options.

The little sister decided to go with a lunch special.

Cory substituted the white rice for brown rice.

She decided to be a bit adventurous for herself and order the Red Curry. She made note of the pineapple adding a needed acidity to it!

The second part of her lunch special was the Thai-Style Grilled Chicken with a sweet & sour dipping sauce.  Cory did not love the dipping sauce (it contained cilantro) but she did seem to enjoy the remainder of her lunch special.

Over all, we appreciate that Cozy Thai Bistro is able to accommodate those of us that are gluten free and vegan. Perhaps next time I will select a noodle dish for a more satisfying and filling dish...


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